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This game was super delightful to play and I look forward to playing the other games that have or will roll out! :D Video below of my experience, enjoy! 

Yes! The second chapter released I was too excited to finally be able to play this next segment of the game. Unfortunately we all now have to wait for chapter 3! Until then go ahead and check the video below to see my experience with this chapter!

I found myself being scared by a character that wouldn't ever be scary in other situations. The atmosphere of this game and its utilization of suspense kept me on the edge of my seat trying to guess when the antagonisticly demonic character would hunt me down and end my life! That and the way they break the mold within the game by allowing you to...well, I'm not one for spoilers so spoiler alert it's in the video below. If you care to see what kind of things I found during my experience with the game, enjoy!

This was an absolutely fun game, I don't normally get into puzzler games, but to be honest this was a blast....pun intended! I had buddies in the EOD so it was fun to do this little simulator that I'm sure is nothing like EOD haha but fun nonetheless. Below is a video that I did playing this demo, looking forward to a full release in the near future! :D

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This game was a blast. Made me feel like I was in a Avatar like world with how colorful it was, I made a very ridiculous video on it. This game in VR would be dope!

This game gave me some good kicks! HA! Ok I'll see myself out but first here's some footage of the kicks I got! :D

I had a really fun time playing this game and laughed the entire time as I tried to decide who would go to Hell and who would enter Heaven. Lots of quirky fun, click the link to check out the video to see for yourself! :D

Lego Fetishes and Car Farts!