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God-tier artstyle, especially for the extended H-scenes. They're some of the best non-animated H-scenes I've ever seen in a game, though they go on a bit too long for my taste.
Gameplay-wise it's a bit barebones so far, especially the combat, and the ease with which you can skip fighting any enemies is questionable, but I can see it getting better with time, there is some potential. Just designing some interesting enemies/bosses and combat scenarios would be enough to make the game great fun, and I can see it happening.
Love the world as well. It's not serious or thought out at all but it's charming, it's kinda like a silly version of the real world with furries. The main character's design is super appealing to me too. The internet-ish self-aware humor and dialogue is charming but kinda goes out the window when you get to an H-scene so there's a bit of a clash there, but it's not that big of a deal.
Great first impressions, has potential, looking forward to it.

Thank you for the help! I used Aurora in that small part of Apartments, waited a little bit, then shot a fireball to roughly my top right, and it hit her and she chased me into the hands. 

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That's the thing, I can't get in apartments, as far as I can tell, the blocks with faces in the entrance make it impossible to get in there and find the boss. I can technically enter the area (the very small part of it in front of the blocks) and though I can't go anywhere I can hear some footsteps but I don't think that does anything, the boss still won't spawn.

And again, if I wanna go look for it in the foggy area under Apartments(I think I remember her attacking me there but I didn't realize it was relevant to her spawning as a boss at the time), I need Eclipse to break the blocks and I genuinely have no idea where to get it outside of Apartments, which I seemingly don't have access to.

You have to hit the boxes in a specific order. I believe it goes: the rightmost one, then the one in the room that's directly to the left, then the one in the room with the snake lady NPC. I think using save points also interrupts the process? I'm not 100% sure about that but it seemed like it.

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Hey uh, am I softlocked? Or what do I do now?

My save point is at the blue crystal outside of Apartments / Building 113. I'm seeing a video where a boss spawns in the room below the Sanzu Blade, but it's not spawning, even though I have the blade. I have no clue what makes it spawn. Apartments is blocked by the blocks with faces, so it seems like I can't go back there. If going back through the path I took for the Sanzu Blade is what I need to do to progress, I can't do that either since it's blocked by blocks that I don't think I can break without Eclipse - and I'm out of them, and don't know where to get more. I vaguely remember those invisible gray enemies dropping them, but I'm killing the ones in Mist City and they're not dropping any. I tried using Aurora if that matters, and it did nothing. How do I progress? How do I make the boss spawn?

I think I might've spawned the dark blocks with faces AFTER getting the Sanzu Blade. Does that make it impossible to spawn the boss?

(Anyone reading this, if I am softlocked, or if you just don't know if I am, if you have a save file for hard mode Sasha that is SOMEWHAT near that point of progression, I would appreciate if you sent it so I can beat it without having to do EVERYTHING all over again)

The game is way too easy to a massive fault. I get that it's a porn game so probably not focused on the gameplay all that much, and that's generally fine, but there are scenes locked behind getting grabbed and behind actually losing. I am not exaggerating when I say that you actually have to try to get grabbed or lose. Getting grabbed is at least simple enough, but losing? You have to try as hard as you can, it's kind of a tedious and slow process even when you're intentionally taking damage.

I've played porn games that were really difficult and it could be frustrating but I'd still take them any day over this. I barely see the point of the game existing (especially the combat) when losing is a choice, and a tedious one. Not even saying that this difficulty shouldn't exist, but it should be an option- alongside another option to make the game harder.