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Je crois que je n'arrive pas à avoir la bonne fin :'( (s'il y en a une !) 

En tout cas c'est super chouette, bravo ! J'y ai joué tard le soir et j'ai bien stressé, les effets Twine sont tops et la gestion de l'obscurité c'est génial !

Thank you so much Itooh, it really matters to me, because it was my first attempt at creating a game (it won't be my last) ! 

Indeed, the game is a little personnal, but after reading thousands and thousands of Homestuck pages, the border between what's personnal about my vision of it and what's not is quite blurry, because this story became a little part of who I am anyway !

Mais -

C'est incroyable <3

Merci pour l'aventure 

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Adapting Blade Runner into a runner game. Of course !! The name of the movie never was so accurate !

Wooow it's so good ! The remix, the artwork in the background, the Zelda-style UI...

And the last part is really challenging. Thank you for the game !

"Onett : Sleepy Head Ness" is one of my all-time favorite Bitsy games, encapsuling a lot of what I love about Earthbound. It's really nice to play this sweet little sequel !

Thank YOU <3 !

An Homestuck's connaisseur ! Thank you so much !! I saw this little thing as both an hommage to the simplicity of the beginning of Homestuck and to the melancholy of its Epilogues. 

I'm really happy if you think it could fit in !