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Anime Girls Math

Baldi's Anime 

Baldi's Anime Quest

Baldi's Basics the Anime

Baldi finds anime girls in a forest and maths 'em! 

Baldi destroys anime girls with math! 

Baldi's Basics makes some new friends and asks tougher questions! Probably the funniest reactions to math questions I've ever seen.

Baldi's Basics makes some new friends and asks tougher questions! Probably the funniest reactions to math questions I've ever seen.

lol so funny

That's okay I'll definitely be checking in to see updates. Great work so far! Can't wait to check out more.

I had to promote this game. I really want there to be an update to the demo and I hope to support the dev as well. Definitely check out this game and vid and let's get this new demo rollin'! Great game I'm so into it.

Hanging out with friends and the dev while we livestream HOUSE PARTY! We had tons of fun testing the game and finding easter eggs. Catch all the gameplay here -

New House Party update on patreon includes voice acting. It would be great to know what people think about it. I have my thoughts which I express in this video. Thanks Eek for the one point and on time update.

More outrageous adventures from the custom stoies this awesome community has created. This story involves Stephanie and getting her friends to dance with her.

Playing some of the custom stories people created and I finally figured out somethings that I missed about Vickie Vixen. I have my theories on her. I hope more people make custom stories. It's probably the best part about this game.

try the gamejolt link. it has been consitantly working for most people.

Finally figured out one of the more difficult quests in the patreon 4.4 build. Katherine's ending. Check out this walkthrough for help. Huge thanks Devs! Love the game. I think I almost completed everything :) If the download isn't working check the links in the description or head to gamejolt.

Thanks so much for the love on the videos. I really hope your game gets more support; people really enjoy it. One thing I keep getting asked is if there will be a female version where you can talk to guys at a party. Not sure if possible, but if a simple swap of characters and maybe short gameplay with no real endings would make some people happy. Either way, I love exploring all the endings and can't wait for more! Cheers!

Huge thank you to the dev for the mention and appreciate of the videos we've been posting. Check out more of the patreon build here - ChaditosWay -

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Here is more of the patreon only content. this video has many things that aren't featured in the build on Also if you can't download the game here. I have a working link in the desription on my video.

If you are having trouble downloading the game head over to patreon to support the devs and get early access or check out my gameplay for more of the patreon exclusive builds. Thanks devs! Awesome work.