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I picked Alberto... I wanted something that seemed more mature.  Sometimes when you buy someone a gift you wanna get them something they wouldn't buy for themselves.  Also, I would like to read all the comics in this game.

either i found a bug or this game is a different genre than i thought...

also alexès line 'ah okay' in the festival w/ atsuko has a character that doesnt render

i encountered a bug where im doing the tess route and i see the same conversation about gay frogs more than once

i cant download this game in the twitch client :( i can download it on the website still but i think its cause you didnt designate a platform for each file

whats the cheat code to fuck the matriarch

i <333 the taort deck in this game! when i saw the ace of cups i was like oh my god bc its so obviously a ring of keys moment on that card... i feel like i can really get into their world because this tarot is so filled with like... clarity. the chariot reversed!!! i heard a while ago that meant car trouble... this is a good game

why does this activate my firewall... are there online features or something