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Eddie the dragon starved to death. The growth rate on food left me wandering the map unable to find anything. Perhaps it works out if I were super stingy with the food. Fun idea though. Thank you.

As I was playing, I was afraid that there wasn't going to be an end. I was entertained by the conclusion.

I really enjoyed playing this puzzle game, was surprised how many levels there were, and had a lot of fun with the mechanic. I will definitely have to check out your other work when I get a chance.

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I had never played a ragdoll style game, and this one infuriated me for the first five minutes. Eventually I realized that I could line my ship up to fly into objects, and then eject myself from the ship just before contact. Parts would "weld" to the ship if I wasn't in it. Suddenly, an hour has gone by and I'm still trying to build an epic ship. I really enjoyed this game.

Critiques: I could have used some additional indicators (maybe multiple color-coded arrows), to navigate back and forth between asteroids. Also, a method to close the game would be good. Having to alt+tab and force close feels rough.

Got it. Good fun.

I had some quick fun, and then saw that there were multiple endings. couldn't find the 2nd? ending. I also noticed that the spikes in two of your rooms don't actually hurt the player character.

Movement feels great, dialogue feels snappy, and I may have obsessively interacted with the garbage bag/can thing looking for a pattern or loop.

- 1. I couldn't figure out how to exit the game without alt+tabbing out and closing the window. The Esc button didn't seem to do anything.

- 2. Interacting with the box felt off. If I spacebar clicked through, it would automatically open the box. Mouseover the options indicated that they could be interacted with, but clicking an option didn't seem to do anything until I hit spacebar again. The option I clicked on with the mouse would dictate the response I got when I pressed the spacebar again. There didn't seem to be any way to tab or arrow through the dialogue options, and there didn't seem to be a way to cancel dialogue. I actually didn't figure out how to spacebar through the box dialogue the first time and ended up alt+tabbing and closing the window before restarting.

-3. It might be helpful to include a list of the controls and their function (or a controller & keyboard graphic) somewhere in the start, just so that we know how we are supposed to be able to interact with the game.

Feedback notes:

  1. Time between action button and dialogue felt just a bit long. I hopped in and started spamming the interaction button and ended up getting the second line instead of the first because I had clicked multiple times.
    1. ?add a short wait or pause to each line of dialogue, and perhaps a dialogue cancel via button or movement (movement could be dangerous with controller joystick drift).
    2. ?add an immediate audio and/or visual cue to indicate that the initial player interaction was successful/unsuccessful. Your vision for the artistic feel of the game may dictate the pacing of dialogue, events, and animation; but not having some form of immediate acknowledgement of player input can feel like latency.
  2. Movement felt stiff on keyboard just because vertical movement overrides/locks out horizontal movement. Which just means I need to get my fat fingers off of keys as well as press the direction that I want to explore in.
    1. ?my initial thought is to find a way to prioritize the pressed directional keys by whichever one was the most recently pressed. I'm not sure how I would do that, and I also have no idea if that would mess with controller functionality. Does controller have diagonal movement?