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beautiful!! the music is so lovely <3

im on ubuntu and it runs fine for me with wine :)

its released fully now!

hey i got around to playing this!! i really like how its so difficult to juggle the screens at the same time. its rly cool, thanks!!

this is like my third time playing this and i finally got to the ending! its a good mess, thank you for making it

:O this was really cute (thanks for the linux version lol)

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i finally redownloaded + finished this after getting pretty close to the end iirc like months ago. the ending bit made me laugh sdkjfhjh.. i actually think about this game a lot ?? i just love the aesthetic + mechanics and your art style is so so good.

i adore this thank you

here's the all items guide from the page if you haven't found fos & aqua already!

this is so cool woah!

+ also, this game slaps. the writing is just wonderful-- i adore the way the text shifts meaning as you click on it. i was reading the comments and your description of the game as neither pro-chinese or pro-british but pro-mulan, and that just encapsulates a lot of my feelings as a chinese american who has a weird relationship with that identity.

i intend on playing the hell out of all the routes esp now that theres an entire other branch :) its so well done, thank you

aksdhfksjdfh to be fair the urge to run away and date your girlfriend forever is incredibly overwhelming so i understand why no one would choose to go with wen in part one

i met wen but i ended up in the gun tutorial-- i opened the game in twine and the passage has this in it

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hey! i was replaying to find different endings, and i found that if you leave town with wen, you go through the matchlock gun tutorial with wu anyway, and afterwards he calls you an and mentions events that happened when you meet him (in the passage marchontopearl (set: $following to "wu") appears so the route w/ wen isn't available). is this intentional..?

oh sweet!! thanks!!

hi, i was wondering if there's going to be a full release of this game on itch or if it's only going to be on steam? thanks :)

oh this was rly small and sweet i liked it a whole bunch

i just got the neutral ending, it hit me in a weird way that i can't quite explain? the line where you realize lucah's trans and the corruption ending made me say "oh" out loud? i'm sad but i can't stop saying "lucah is baby" under my breath?

i adore the combat system, it's so intricate and beautifully made. it also took me ~8 hours to figure out how hold actions work properly oops so now i do them at every possible point in time. i'm not super good at videogames in general so i appreciate the assist options too :p

anyway i'm excited to go through ng+, aether is trans rights and this is such a good game, thank you!

this is so cute aaa

this is rly cute and nice to fly around in :)