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hi, i was wondering if there's going to be a full release of this game on itch or if it's only going to be on steam? thanks :)

oh this was rly small and sweet i liked it a whole bunch

thanks! it runs now :) by one level dyou just mean one screen? i love the graphic style and the music and i'd love to see more ^_^

hey, i'm on windows and opening the .exe file gives me the error "error: could not load game data at path '.'. is the .pck file missing?" this looks cool though :)

i just got the neutral ending, it hit me in a weird way that i can't quite explain? the line where you realize lucah's trans and the corruption ending made me say "oh" out loud? i'm sad but i can't stop saying "lucah is baby" under my breath?

i adore the combat system, it's so intricate and beautifully made. it also took me ~8 hours to figure out how hold actions work properly oops so now i do them at every possible point in time. i'm not super good at videogames in general so i appreciate the assist options too :p

anyway i'm excited to go through ng+, aether is trans rights and this is such a good game, thank you!

this is so cute aaa

this is rly cute and nice to fly around in :)