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Really nice looking, creepy fun game with a horrible claustrophobic fell. Love the spiders, great job, thanks for taking part

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Has a nice combination of minigames to earn cash to pay the depressing bills so you can keep working. Fun game, clean them gnashers, earn the cash-ers. Thanks for taking part

I really enjoyed this, really simple concept excellently executed. Enjoyed the streams to see how you built the game as well. Great game, thanks for taking part!

Reminds me of my days at sea, sailing the ocean in search of treasure. This boat is in better nick than some I worked on though. Fun wee game with a great soundtrack.

Fun retro game that fits the theme perfectly. Excellent lightning effect, a very Ghouls 'n' Ghosts feel. Love this game, nailed it again.

Thanks DevLab, are you entering Jamoween 3?

I really enjoyed this game, but I need more of the story. Was the assassin berating themselves? was it someone in an ear piece? Who and why are they sniping in the first place? Look forward to your next jam entry!

Nice operation wolf type game. (I fixed the submission form after you submitted. It'll work corretly for the next one)

I enjoyed playing this, fun wee game. And well done on entering and submitting to your first game jam, look forward to you taking part in the next one!

feels like a carnival games/amusement park ride concept I could see working well in VR or with Light gun. Top score of 1200 though

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hi jeremysouthard

Welcome in and well done on having a go at your first game jam. It’s a really low pressure jam and the idea is to try some stuff out and have a bit of fun. 

I’m not sure who will be streaming this jam, I might do a few hours but not sure when yet. 

You could head over to the discord to find out more and see who else is taking part. Details are on the jamoween3 page:

Thanks and have fun, we look forward to seeing how you get on!

this is a really fun puzzle game. Loved the NES style, nice looking game. and it’s made me want to have a look at the software you’ve used. Great job

Nice platformer, love the graphics, headless zombies are always fun. Great job!

I really really enjoyed this, the build up of rushing to get through the doors was excellent. PS2 feel and great fun to play. Really well done

a lovely wee platformer that's fun to play. Nice job!

A lovely looking game, love the stealth gameplay and smooth gameplay. the CCTV view is really cool. the game glitched a wee bit on one of the doors, but what a great entry this is! Well done.

I love an arcade game so this has got me again. music works perfectly and loving the 'honk honk' foot steps... weird creepy enjoyable fun! Really good game again, nice job. The standards are high again this year!

Loving this game, it's definitely 'another go-er'. Graphics are classic pixel art with a gauntlet/castle Wolfenstein mix. Really enjoying this (can you add gamepad support for the next release please). Excellent job.

Been playing this for too long (or not long enough). Super addictive, a really enjoyable, polished and professional game, excellent job

Love a word game and this idea was solid!

Thanks for taking part in Jamoween again, we look forward to seeing you back again at the next one.

And thank you so much for taking part in this years Jamoween!
We hope to see you at the next one.

Really atmospheric and just enough creepy... Great work!

What a game, loved this entry, no spoilers. and thanks for taking part in this years Jamoween, hope to see you back at the next one!

Loved the rhymes, jokes and art style! A deserving "Spirit of the Jam" winner!

Thanks so much for taking part in this years Jamoween! Hope to see you back for the next one.

Thanks for taking the time to enter this years Jamoween, hope you enjoyed yourself and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Proton beams and grappling hooks are always a great combination! Great job.

Thank you so much for taking part in this years Jamoween, we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Another Frozen Well classic! Love that you gave the vector style a shot and it really paid off, the game looks so nice, good stuff!

Thanks again for taking part in this years Jamoween! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with at the next one!

Also, thanks for taking part in this years Jamoween! We hope to see you at the next one.

Smooth play and a clever idea. Lovely art style Great job!

Thank you for taking part in this years Jamoween! Hope to see you at the next one.

We really enjoyed playing your entry and hope you had fun creating your game. Thank you for taking part in this years Jamoween! Hope to see you at the next one.

I loved this game, the puppy animation is super cute. finding the items were tricky enough to make it challenging but not frustrating, great job.

I really enjoyed this game, loved the human to skeleton transitions

Excellent use of the theme mechanic, challenging and fun to play!

This is a fun platformer that's really tricky... which made it really enjoyable to play this over and over, good job.

On theme and a great idea! Love the look and the concept and could see this being really fun. 

Controls threw me a bit but added to the challenge, I really enjoyed this game, managed to get to the end of both levels! Love the plop sound and dying animation, good stuff!

dam good game, really enjoy your addictive 'just one more go' games. The theme's spot on, music is perfect and gameplay is fun.. still at 149 on the high scores though... I'll maybe just have one more shot

A fun  wee platformer, controls were a little clunky but I think I got to the end where there's 4 platforms? On theme, good work.

I really like this game, the music is great and fitting to the game story, the colours are nice and I for one love the controls, boats don't steer like cars so I think it fits in a perfectly frustrating way. nice work!