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Hello, I was wondering if you would ever plan to make this an 8-directional sprite?

Aesprite uses the .aseprite file format right? That would be easier for you than creating/transferring the files to PSD assuming your work is already in .aseprite format. If it is not too much trouble, I believe the .aseprite format would be best as it would keep the layer information intact for the transparency. 

If you decide to do so, no need to rush I am in no hurry.

These may be a silly questions, but what software do you use to make these animations? If it is adobe photoshop would it be possible to get the PSD files? I want to edit the salamander's colors but I lack the talent to do it without simply recoloring your sprites. I can compensate you for helping me with this request.

I may just be confused, but you should have both glow and no glow instead of removing the glow outright. Having more options is always appreciated as it makes interop ratably with other assets far easier

thanks again 

Awesome, I was planning to use your character with spells made by another creator and wanted the attack animation without the attacks.  I am fine with the glow on the spell effects, I can remove them myself. I was just making sure the attack animations didn't have a spell effect tied to them that I would have to remove. ( I suck at pixel art )

Also what opacity level did you use for the glow?

Do the light, heavy, and 3x combo come with frames without the glow? 

Awesome, that is swell to hear.

Not to tell you your business, but in case you didn't know, Unity by default renames the individual sprites by the Spritesheet file name and a _0, _1, _2 and so on and so forth, left to right, top to bottom. As such if you are planning to make sprite sheets specifically for unity putting each animation frame next to each other allows for them to be easily sliced into 32 x 32 frames and then animated without renaming the frames individually.


*Disclaimer, I know very little on pixel art/sprite sheet creation you would know better what is feasible for you. So disregard this advice if it suits you to do so

Hey, I'm working on something in unity with this asset pack. My recommendation is to create prefabs for the tiles and then you can hold v while selecting tiles to snap them together. 

Also for the animated water in unity I would recommend first slicing each of the tiles in 32x32 and then rename them so they are in order for an animation.

If you see lines between your sprites put them into a sprite atlas which is good regardless as it allows one access of an image rather than different files.

Does the VFX 03 pack come with the icon or is that a megapack 02 exclusive?

Also what opacity level was the fire barrier if its not too much to ask

does this pack come with the icons ?