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What a fun story! I really like the added touches to make it seem even more like the TV shows that inspired this series.

That was a lot of fun! Loved the art style & gameplay.

This was fun! The scares were really good :)

Very simple and fun gameplay!

Really fun and creepy! Great aesthetics

Very cool ! I haven't played a Bitsy game like this before :)

"I'm you but quenched." That line is gonna stay with me

I think that's the most intense bitsy game I've ever played! Kudos!

Very cool concept!

Very addictive gameplay!

Really cute concept for a game. Thanks for sharing this :)

"I'm stomping on your dysphoria"

Can't think of a more romantic sentiment <3

Damn. That ending was deeper than I expected. Very inventive and fun game!

I love seeing depictions of time/eternity in the afterlife so thanks for those details! 

Gorgeous art! 

I’m happy for them XD

Definitely looking forward to anymore adventures they may have! 

That was fun! I went back to get the different endings :)

Thank you for sharing this.

really cute. i was hoping he would react to the flowers i brought him <3

Kudos. I admire your vision

Cute game borne out of a frustrating and all too common situation. Their friendship is sweet :)

"sorry i look like shit" such a funny & relatable line lol

That was a fun experience; the crew members were askin for it tbh 

This was a lot of fun, I will use this to build my arm muscles 

That ending… You can’t beat that! 

Very fun lil game <3

Holy shit! Can't say I was expecting any of that lol

Really fun game!

Really enjoyed reading all the behind the scenes info regarding the game and characters!

This was a fun addition to the original game! Loved the story of both the original and the DLC. The voice acting is really good too. 

Really beautiful version of Columns :)

Nice music too!

My friend and I had fun puzzling this one out, altho we're still trying to figure out how to get Ending S...

My friend and I had such a ball playing this together. I really appreciated the freedom the game gives you to creep around the house, (I even fought my way into the house at a couple times where I don't think you were supposed to XD). It was a really fun story! 

Great comic! I haven’t read the short story this is based off of, but you did a wonderful job telling the story.

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Can’t wait to see more of Avery’s adventures! The characterization and art in this series is top notch.

(also, do I spy a Junji Ito homage on pg. 23??)

Loved the characters right away! The art is great and the comic is an easy read.

To echo what others have said; sweet really is the best word for this game-- while some tough topics are tackled, the overall story was very satisfying.

I’m not big on platformers but this game has a GORGEOUS aesthetic