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Amazing :D

No worries, I was having some trouble with the autosave in-broswer, but the downloadable version works perfectly :) 

It's a really cool game!

A downloadable version and/or a manual save option would be dope :)

The update rocks, including the autosave! I definitely see myself making a lot more use of this in the future. Hope your shoulder is feeling well!

Awesome! I'll look forward to it. Feel better soon!

This was fun!

Extremely addictive gameplay!

This was so cute! A fun spin on a ghost story :)

now im cryin in the club

love your games!

This game has such an interesting story :)

What a fun story! I really like the added touches to make it seem even more like the TV shows that inspired this series.

That was a lot of fun! Loved the art style & gameplay.

This was fun! The scares were really good :)

Very simple and fun gameplay!

Really fun and creepy! Great aesthetics

Very cool ! I haven't played a Bitsy game like this before :)

"I'm you but quenched." That line is gonna stay with me

I think that's the most intense bitsy game I've ever played! Kudos!

Very cool concept!

Very addictive gameplay!

Really cute concept for a game. Thanks for sharing this :)

"I'm stomping on your dysphoria"

Can't think of a more romantic sentiment <3

Damn. That ending was deeper than I expected. Very inventive and fun game!

I love seeing depictions of time/eternity in the afterlife so thanks for those details! 

Gorgeous art! 

I’m happy for them XD

Definitely looking forward to anymore adventures they may have! 

That was fun! I went back to get the different endings :)

Thank you for sharing this.

really cute. i was hoping he would react to the flowers i brought him <3

Kudos. I admire your vision

Cute game borne out of a frustrating and all too common situation. Their friendship is sweet :)

"sorry i look like shit" such a funny & relatable line lol

That was a fun experience; the crew members were askin for it tbh 

This was a lot of fun, I will use this to build my arm muscles 

That ending… You can’t beat that! 

Very fun lil game <3

Holy shit! Can't say I was expecting any of that lol

Really fun game!