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The man don't lie

What version are you downloading?

Great!!! Maybe the Tokarev could be used as a standard sidearm, where you can switch to it using the scroll wheel or pressing 2?

Can't wait! Sorry I'm a bit late, but it will be fun!

Hi! Sorry I missed the update. I'll be checking it out today!

About when will the update be released? I'm really enjoying your game!

Thanks for the update! I'm really enjoying this game. The spawn protection really helps a ton! I can't wait to see what else is added!

Thanks for the spawnkill fix!

HI! So far I'm really enjoying the game. I would just like to say than in the player vs. AI mode, there is lots of spawn killing. Sorry if I'm just fussing, but it gets kind of annoying. Overall though, it's very good for a alpha game!


bruh this isnt even the right game


Hi! I'm having trouble unpacking the files. Could I perhaps have some help?