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What a game to play during Halloween great game to finish off the month of October well done.

Very creepy game with the creature and the ps1 graphics are the best for this type of game. Well done.

Really made me think about underwater fun and the creature below.

Great game well made I would say the sprint needs to be a bit faster.

It amazing game and really well-polished demo really looking forward to seeing more of this game. The only thing would be the ending as it seems a little random to finish.

Overall well done.

Awesome Puzzle and really adorable and heartwarming story.

Well done on this game.

The awsome game managed to get two ending and still trying to get the other too. Really a huge fan of ps1 games.

I am always remembering to grabs some water before going to bed. Great game

Great gameplay I really love pixel art graphics.

Being a huge fan of PS1 Graphics and games I had to give this a go. Not the best at any horror games but really did enjoy the multiple episodes.

What a great game to play. Having playing Gameboy games when I was a child. It just brings back so many memories. Really like exploring and finding all the hearts.

Love this game so much. 
Made a little a lets play of it.