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First off, thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate hearing that you enjoyed the game so much!


As for your feedback and bug reports:  

L twice bug: Should be fixed, as I can't replicate it. I think the time frame you mention is more or less right after I added that, so it was probably noticed and fixed a while back.

Slow menu: Not sure what would be causing that, and I doubt I can replicate it. Do you recall if it was so bad as to make using the menu difficult? While unfortunate, I'm not sure if that's something I can really solve.

Double events: I'll take a look at those and see what's going on there. I've been making events repeatable and just not providing stats/items that they do on their first run through, so I'll probably just do that when fixing the issues.

Skirts and More Door: The event is set to be passable when Claire walks through it in certain events, so that's probably the cause. As long as it's not getting players stuck, it's probably not worth my time to go figure out the exact cause, to be honest.

Guild clerk face sprite: As far as I can tell, she does have a face sprite, so I'm going to assume this was already fixed.

Phantom quest hand-in: Yeah, that shouldn't be there. Probably forgot to reduce the quest hand-in variable after finishing the fourth dungeon. I'll check on that one.

White dress duplication: I'll check on that as well. I think duplicating equipment has something to do with it being forced onto the player via an event. For some reason, if I tell the game to put a piece of clothing on the player, it will give them a new piece of said clothing, instead of just equipping the one they already own. But it only does that sometimes, to keep me on my toes.

Seeing starts: I must have partially re-written this scene since you played, as I can't find that line anywhere in my text document for it. So... fixed? I guess?

Minotaur Loss: Almost certainly a bug, it should account for whether the player defeated the minotaur or not. I'll check on that.

Low quality at the beginning: I'm working on that. Given that your review was based upon the game as of August 2022, it's probably improved quite a bit. I've been going back and either eventing (as in, making characters move about instead of simply showing a black screen) or condensing the text for older events. In the case of condensing text, I basically make it so multiple text passages appear on screen at once, so you don't have to spam Z to progress through scenes. Generally, the more word-heavy a scene is, the more likely I am to condense the text. Scenes that aren't super word heavy are usually one's where things are going on that can be evented. Another thing that you mention is replacing black screens with the location, I'm somewhat doing that, by creating background images for sex scenes in place of black screens, even when there's no main art for the scene yet. If you're not aware, the roughness of the game early on is mainly due to the game being ported from Twine, which is a purely text-based format. I used black screens instead of showing what was going on at times because it took much longer to port everything over than I intended. I'll definitely fix any instances of the game straight up just showing you in the wrong place though, as putting up a black screen instead is the least I can do in those instances.

Cursed shop items: Hmm, a bit confused on this one. It's been actual years since I set all of that up, but I believe after you complete the full curse for that, you can get Beatrice to uncurse it, which should permanently uncurse the outfit. Perhaps I'm wrong, or perhaps it's bugged. Might have to check on that.

Black sailor outfit: I can add that. That sprite is from the default character creator, so turning it into clothing is much easier than normal, since I don't need to design sprites.

I'm interpreting this as some sort of enemy/character with a dragon cock? I'm also going to assume you don't mean an actual dragon, since that cock would likely be human-sized. The idea of a dominant tomboy character with dragon blood (and cock) sounds interesting though. I'll definitely consider it.

Reluctant femininity: Probably too late in development to implement something like that. You can kind of do so by simply avoiding feminizing events, as that results in lower femininity and less power, but making that more prominent would probably take too much time to do.

More quests/dungeon's appearing instantly: Having side-quests would definitely provide a way for dungeons to not immediately appear, so there's something to do in-between dungeons. I probably won't be able to do that though, again due to how far into the game and how much time it would take. I'd probably quests spread out between dungeons, but that would likely require me to re-balance the enemies in the dungeons. It's a good idea, and I thought about doing so earlier, but decided I just wanted to focus on the dungeons.

Line breaks in credits: Agreed, I've changed that for 0.40 as well. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the bug reports, suggestions, and feedback! It's all very helpful and appreciated. I look forward to your full review!

You mean in the intro? Select one of the weapons on the wall or shelf to try them out on a training dummy, (You can use the knives, the bows, or the swords), and then afterwards just exit through the bottom door.

Two common solutions to Mac issues are permissions related. Try moving the game into your "applications" folder, or assigning read/write permissions to the game folder. This link should help with changing the permissions.

However, if you are running on a Mac OS version 11 or later, it may not be possible to run the game, as support for Mac OS ended for RPG Maker MV. In which case, you may have to run the web version instead. It has an issue with the character creator plugin and won't change the players sprite to match it's appearance, but otherwise works fine as far as I know. The following link may be needed to run the web version.

It is in the "outside locations" location hub, since the Church itself isn't technically in the town. If that doesn't help, you can send me your save file again and I can take a look.

Odd. It won't show up in the quest tracker no matter what, because I never got around to updating the quest tracker past the first dungeon. I've meant to, but the quests are all extremely simply past that point, so I still haven't gotten around to it. You're aware the dungeon is called the Sorcerer's Dungeon, yes? If it's still not showing up, I might need to take a look at your save file to figure out the issue, as things are working just fine on my end. If you want to upload and send it to me, be sure to upload the entire save folder, or else I won't be able to open it. You might want to private message me on another website ( doesn't allow private messaging.) I have accounts on tfgamessite and f95zone, so you could message me on either of those. If you don't care about others being able to download your save (not sure why anyone would to begin with, but anyways,) you can just link it on here instead.

After completing the certification to become an Iron rank adventurer, you have to go to the quest board again to actually accept the quest. Is that the issue?

My first guess would be a permissions error. If on Windows, try opening the game as administrator, or moving the game's folder to your desktop and opening it. If the second option works, you need to shorten the filepath for your game. If you are on Mac, try moving the game into your "applications" folder, or assigning read/write permissions to the game folder. This link should help with changing the permissions.

If those solutions do not help, please let me know what version of the game you are trying to run. (Windows, Mac, ect.) If on a Mac, please check what operating system version you and on and let me know, as that can also impact things. Additionally, when starting the game and experiencing the black screen, does audio play? If you press z, do you hear a confirmation sound effect? That can help me figure out what's going on, whether the game isn't launching, or the screen simply isn't displaying anything. Thanks.

Daisy's farm is set up to stop letting you visit after having seen the Cock Chaos scene. I'm not sure how it ended up cutting you off before then, but I've added a debug option that should fix the problem. Try applying patch 0.38.8 and then using the "Fix Daisy Cock Chaos Scene" option with the debug item. I'll have it set up for the next update to let you review all of her scenes, but for now the debug option should work for the current version. (Let me know if it doesn't though.)

As for the cheat item, it's actually only supposed to be available as a bonus for patrons. Basically the only reason you had it to begin with is because I forgot to remove it.

It's meant to be black. The game lacks art for many of it's scenes at the moment. I regularly commission new artwork from two artists, but the game was text-only for much of it's development, so many scenes don't have art yet.

You only need to download the new base version, and the latest patch. You don't need 0.38.1, then 0.38.2, ect. I just leave them all there in case a newer patch breaks something.

You just need the base 0.38 version, with the latest patch (0.38.7 as of writing this.) Ensure you move your save to the new base 0.38 version. Is the error occurring even with a fresh save file? And you're saying that you do have the compatibility patch applied already, yes? Lastly, what operating system version are you running? Thanks.

If you haven't figured it out, the easiest way on Mac that usually works is moving the game to your applications folder. Alternatively, this link provides the general outline for changing permissions on folders for Mac's. Lastly,  if your Mac OS is version 11 or newer, you might have to run the web version instead through your browser. RPG Maker MV stopped Mac support after version 10 as something with the Mac OS changed drastically, making RPG Maker not run properly on it.

Site? You should be able to download JOIPlay through the android app store. You shouldn't need to go to any website for it. And the second part of my comment was on which version to run through JOIPlay. I would try downloading the Windows version and seeing if that will run through JOIPlay first, as it generally works better, but you might need to use the web version with JOIPlay, I'm not entirely sure.

Ah, so does it look like this? I'm going to assume it does, and just paste a reply I had to another user for this. Unless you are on a Mac, in which case you'll need different instructions for this. That looks like a permissions error I've seen before, though it is usually only present when trying to open the game on a Mac. My first two suggestions would be to run the game as administrator, or move it to your desktop and try running it. It could be that the filepath is too long to read, in which case you'll have to shorten the name of the folder(s) that the game is contained within. If those don't work, check through right click -> properties -> security that both the game and the game's folder have read/write permissions.

You should try and run it through JOIPlay, an android app I mentioned before. I believe that is the best way to run RPG Maker MV games. I would try it with the windows version first, but you might have to use the web version with JOIPlay to have it work.

Oh sorry, I missed your previous comment. That looks like a permissions error I've seen before, though it is usually only present when trying to open the game on a Mac. My first two suggestions would be to run the game as administrator, or move it to your desktop and try running it. It could be that the filepath is too long to read, in which case you'll have to shorten the name of the folder(s) that the game is contained within. If those don't work, check through right click -> properties -> security that both the game and the game's folder have read/write permissions.

Oh, so when applying the patch, it causes the game to not run? Sorry, I thought you meant you could physically read the patch notes, not that the game wasn't reading it. Does it provide an error when you launch it with the patch? If so, can you let me know what that error is? And does it work normally if you run it without the patch?

You're using an old save file in a newer version, yes? You'll need to download the "Old Save Compatibility Patch" in the mega folder and apply that to your game. You'll also want to enable compatibility mode in the debugger afterwards.

As in, the executable for I've never used the executable for itch, so maybe I need to do something extra for the patch notes on there.

If you download JoiPlay from the app store you can likely run the Web (or maybe Windows) version of the game from there. It is not tested or developed to be run on Android, so there may be some issues, but I believe it would be playable for the most part.

There is, but it is for patron's only, mainly to prevent spam.

So you've levelled up one of the following: Hail, Frozen Fortress, Pillar of Flames, Flame Wave, Barrage, or Tempest, and it still shows 0/0 for your mp? If that's the case, you might need to send me your save folder (not just a file or I can't open it) so I can test for bugs. I don't think you can't private message on here, so if you don't want others to see your save file you might want to private message me on another site the game is hosted on, such as the forums on TfGamesSite or F95zone.

Did you sleep at the bar after levelling the skills up? After you reset the skill tree levelling those skills only provide an increase to max mana, and not current mana, as otherwise you could repeatedly reset the skill tree to get more mana all the time.

Whenever you level up and empowered spell, you gain one max mana, since empowered spells are what uses mana.

I might need to re-balance that fight. I believe it has a mechanic to make things higher if you have high depravity, but since adding that fight I've also just made the debuff of high depravity higher, so it might be overkill now. Re-specing your skills to give you mana for an empowered spell would definitely help (though you'd have to go sleep at the bar after gaining max mana to refill it.) Or you can use the difficulty down items in key items to boost your stats.

What issue are you having with it, specifically? Is it too strong for you to beat, or is the fight not triggering for some reason? If the fight isn't starting, can you tell me what it says when you interact with the book? (You have to click on or press Z on the book, if you hadn't done that yet.)

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I'm assuming you're asking about ending up with 23 femininity, as getting up to 60 was from having a vagina. The 23 would be from the 15 femininity you get from the introductory sex scene that occurs when you enter the area for the first time. It would have been higher if Katie was dominant towards you, but that 15 femininity is unavoidable.

If you download the walkthrough file from the mega link, the Katie section lists many of the events that change her dominance value. (It lists both increasing and decreasing it.) I'd list those here, but I don't want to spoil anything. In any case, once you get her dominance value to -2 (do two events that reduce it without any that increase it), that will make her submissive for most if not all scenes. That will also unlock her first submissive date. (Each date after requires another 2 points making her submissive, but each date provides one. There are four in total.) I'll try and update the walkthrough soon, as it definitely doesn't list every scene that can change Katie's dominance value.

Should just be under "Download", but here's the link to the folder. I believe using the app can sometimes cause issues, if that's what you're doing?

Ah okay, if you're on Mac then you probably need to move the newly downloaded version of the game to your applications folder, or edit it's permissions so it has read/write permissions. This link can help with read/write permissions. That's probably why the old one works and the new one doesn't.  (Side note, if you are applying patch 0.37.12 to a base game prior to 0.37 when you mention patching it, that will almost certainly cause errors.) The other thing you'll need to do is apply the "old save compatibility patch" to  your game. That should solve the first error you posted. (If you get to the fifth dungeon, you'll also want to enable compatibility mode with the debugger, if that gives you a bug you'll want to apply patch 0.37.13.)

Deploying to Android was a mess, and ultimately after four hours of work got me an apk that crashed on start up. Did you ever try JOIPlay like I originally suggested? I tried that out myself to see if it would work, and it seemed to have no problems.  JOIPlay is available on the play store, and from there you would just need to download the web version of the game, extract it, and open the index.html file (through the JOIPlay app.)

If your Mac OS is version 11 or later, the game may not run through the Mac application. RPG Maker MV stopped supporting Mac after that version. (Or, from what I understand, it's more like Mac stopped supporting RPG Maker MV, but anyways.) The two solutions most likely to fix the issue are to move the game to your applications folder before running it, or to give the game read/write permissions. This link can help with that.

I'm still not 100% sure if the game never works on newer operating systems, so you can give those solutions a try even if that is the case for you. Otherwise, you should be able to run the web version, though the players face and sprite won't reflect their appearance with that version due to plugin limitations.

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You will need to download and apply the "Old Save Compatibility Patch (For saves from 0.34 and older)" from the download folder. A plugin in version 0.35 broke old saves, but applying the compatibility patch fixes this. You'll also want to apply patch 0.37.13 to the game as well, and then once in the game go to the debug item and activate compatibility mode.  (Patch 0.37.13 fixes a bug with compatibility mode.)

I'm not entirely sure what you are saying here. When you download the newest version you can't open the game? As in the game crashes before reaching the start screen? Even though you mention above that you installed version 0.37?

When you say you installed the patch, are you referring to the "old save compatibility patch?" That is the bug that occurs without said patch. Another thing to note is that the compatibility patch should be applied last after other patches, as other patches could override the compatibility patch.


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Sleeping at the Bar refills your mana, if you mean maximum mana, you need to learn an empowered magic spell, which are the one's that require 4 or more skill points in an element to learn. (They also cost 2 skill points.)

Thank you for reporting this, sorry for the late reply. Not sure how that could have happened, I'll look into it in a few days. If you didn't know, you should be able to open the menu, select "debug", and choose "teleport to elmgar" to fix this.

It should, there was a point a while ago where it didn't, but I changed it to disable those as well at some point.

No, there are a lot of scenes missing art, as I made the game without commissioning art for at least a year, and because I generally write more content than I can commission, even with two artists.