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Thank you very much !
Do you mean that when you die you respawn at the beggining of the game, or that your progress is not saved when you quit the game ?

There is a "blocked pop up" problem with chrome, maybe try with firefox or look if it just that Chrome blocked the pop up of the download.

Hi ! What is exactly the problem ? You can't download it or you can't launch the exe ?

Hello MrGigPL, we apologize: the developer in charge of this feature was eaten by a bear. If you want to send flowers, tell us and we will send you the adress.

Thanks RadiCarl ! Regarding the "hacky" feel, it sure will be one of the first things we will improve if we find time and money to make it a bigger game. For now we're working on a patch that'll improve the user experience and fix some bugs too. See you !

Thank you Syphon ! Your video and all the others really gave us a boost to finish working on a little patch/update of ours, that we'll release soon. Keep up the good work !

Thanks for the kind words, we're happy you had a good time with our game !