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Honestly Modus is probably my favorite game devs.  I really like how in most of his games the objective/end goal is something that you might feel uneasy about doing.  I had to keep feeding my fish to the ominous "Numen" and then I realized that the object of the game was to essentially let the knight destroy this strange, beautiful world.  It was almost bittersweet because I really liked hopping over the abyss and growing beautiful colorful fish.  This game feels like a creepy haunted version of a lot of the games I used to play as a kid.  Played this so many times.  Please keep making games for Mac.


I really enjoyed this game.  The part where those faces kept popping up everywhere in that changing corridor really freaked me out.  Overall I just really like the big gross blood monster.  Played this multiple times.


This game was a trip.  I really love how in Indie horror games you get this short experience that leaves a really lasting impression.  It was really cool seeing this map in Sanguine Sanctum as well.  Also glad that the game let me kill myself.


This game was honestly my introduction to Indie horror games.  I really like all of the twisting and changing corridors, and even though the graphics are so simple, the bed scene still scared me.  Really like it and I can't wait to play First Winter.