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Oh ok.

 Also, are you gonna continue using PPT or are you gonna move on to something else?

Oh, I understand since PPT isnt made for video game development, but it was still pretty cool seeing a game thats a genre aside from cursor mazes.

But I thought GetAsyncKeyState was from the Windows API.

How did you make it work on Linux and Mac also? I thought it can only work on Windows.

Also when I tried to play the game after installing it, it wouldn't do anything... It just says the high score is 17000 and current score is 2000. Was that slide just a picture bcuz when I tried doing things the game wouldn't do anything... Can you please fix this? Tnx

This looks nice! Btw how did you make the cube move with arrow keys using VBA? I'm curious. I heard some ppl online saying PPT doesnt have VBA code that detects key input.