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Maybe the installation, the setup, the error handling and some stuff like that, thank you for your reply btw!

The setting up video is from 2019 and some latest videos are on Shaun Spalding channel! 

Thank you for what you do!

Thank you!

Is there any chance to see a tutorial on YouTube on how this library work?

Is that something that help us to make a saving/loading system of our game that fit even for consoles?

For example the player save the game and the next time that run the game he can load and restart where he saved the last time.

Thank you!

Look's nice, work even for a 3D game?

I bought JuiceFX and the last version seems like SpriteMancer, is SpriteMancer better than that? If it is i will buy it!

No is for a game like The Swords Of Ditto in terms of resolution and camera position

ok, is not 3D but we use high resolution

thank you

Hello there!!! Can i use this assets in a non pixel art game?

Hello, can i use this bundle even in a non pixel art game?

Hello there!!!

How are you? Is this engine updated? Can it also be used with a top down view?
Thank you!!!