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At the beginning i was been chill and relaxed, but as soon as door opened i put away my headset for the rest of the game.. And from that moment i was scared af, but non-the-less it was been awesome... 10/10

This game is god-damn scary, i got jumpscared twice to death, first time playing it and i love it! 10/10

This game is so scary & dark, i was enjoyed it! The only thing i hated is MANNEQUINS, i always hate them... They are coming outta nowhere, just puff and there they are behind you. In the other hand, game was so good and worth playing it ! Cannot wait for the full game :)

This is one of the best pixelated shooter games i have ever played! It totally remainds me of DOOM game, so fast pasted and difficult to beat. The bosses gets harder and harder as you progress which i loved :) Great game i would rate it 10/10! 

Such a great game, i love every single thing in this game, especially when you can write your own book ! Also, i have been outside of my apartment and the nature is so colorful and relaxing! Sadly i didn't have that much time to play it, but in the other hand game is great! 10/10

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This game is super fun and scary at the same time.. i maybe haven't done some things right at the end there.. xd

I have a lot fun playing this game. Love the idea, basically Portal but with hacking. This game have absolutely awesome graphics...

Honestly, this is top quality, really looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

This game is absolutely amazing man! I enjoyed every single second play it! :D

Hey dude, great job with this little gem. I've enjoyed every second of it.  Game was really good and I would love to see it expanded, here is my play-through of it. I'm a not huge fan of half-life, but it's really cool tho. Keep it up!