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Terrifying Christmasy goodness! 10/10

Absolutely awesome! Heavily influenced by one of my favourite horror films! 10/10 thanks dev

This was actually insane and such a tribute to the original Slender! Just oozing nostalgia! A fantastic effort on bringing an old title into the modern day! 10/10

Plus some of the jumpscares were the worst i've ever had! 

My god! That was absolutely horrendous. 10/10 voice acting and some of the scariest jumpscares I've ever had on my channel!

I absolutely love all things alien horror and my god this delivers! Stunning graphics, intense atmospherics and some horrific jumpscares. 10/10

I was absolutely taken by the story and wanted to uncover the mystery! First time in a while a horror game has captured me like this 10/10!

One of the biggest jumpscares I've ever had! Such an interesting game 10/10! great game and interesting idea!

I loved it! Scared the absolute cr*p outta me! 10/10

interesting experience! Few good scares and chases to get the blood pumping 💪 I will not be going to the movies alone that's for sure! 

I'm so impressed with this game! The way it slowly follows you down the corridor had me 😱. So menacing. Made a very nice change from the usual fast paced panicky horrors that we get nowadays! 10/10 Mr dev! 

Probably my favourite horror game of 2023 so far ! 10/10 dev! The skinwalker idea really does freak me out but intrigues me too. looking froward to playing your future projects!

This was incredibly tense and had me on the edge of my seat throughout. I had my first silent jumpscare ever on my channel, fully took me off guard and my voice didn't even react + almost broke my green screen! 🤣 10/10 devs, great job!

Well that game scared the living daylights out of me! Screamed so much throughout! Such a simple horror game but extremely effective. I think some of the broken mechanics actually made the game better - for me when he got stuck on something, it was horrible because I was just bracing for a jumpscare impact adding to the horror! 10/10 thanks so much luckysalmon!

I'm a bit late to the party but my god, I was absolutely shaking throughout. Proper horror experience 10/10!

All I'll say is please make the full version, I would pay for it 10/10 😍

This was an incredible game! Being chased around a snowy mountain by a giant slack jawed yeti is everything a guy could possibly want. Mechanics, graphics, monster all brilliant and scared the sh*t outta me. 10/10!

Fantastic horror game. The tree gave me one of the biggest jumpscares in my horror game playing career so far! 😅 Truly enjoyed it. 10/10. Toilet themed horrors are the goats! 

Fantastic game! Basically 25 mins of pure stress, very much the same as night of the scissors, did a great job of creating tension and atmosphere.... The chase scenes were terrifying! Great sound! Great monster! Decent puzzles! 


This game had some mega intense scares, a little bit frustrating at times and a bit rough around the edges but overall it makes me want to explore sirenhead even more! Thanks dev! 

This game ticks all the boxes. The tension was done perfectly and one of the jumpscares got me so bad 😱! props to the dev! brought one of my favorite scary movies from my childhood to life 🙏 10/10

Same here, I have a high spec rig and should eat this one alive but it just crashes within seconds of launch...every time. Shame cause I really wanted to play this one and feature it on my channel

Really really great game! Great jumpscares in parts and good humour in other parts, particularly loved how santa rag dolled off the platform edge after I filled him with handgun rounds 🤣. 10/10! Merry Christmas everyone! 

This game was in typical 616 style, a little bit goofy but incredibly effective at creating tension and some really good scares. This was no different! 10/10! 

That was a really cool experience! I particularly loved all the old retro gaming Easter eggs! Lost my mind when I saw Croc! Really good concept, horrendous jumpscare at the end! I definitely SHIT myself 😆
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Incredibly intense, the jumpscares were too much for my poor heart! Really enjoyed it! The atmosphere and sound game was on point! Well done Dev ❤️

This seriously left me mentally unnerved after filming. First game that's had a lasting effect on me! 10/10 I can't fault it. WARNING: My playthrough contains seriously loud screams from me 😅

So impressed with this game. This was so polished for an indie horror game! 10/10 great atmosphere, great visuals, great scares! 

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The scariest horror game of 2022 - There I said it! Excellent job by the developer, truly an indie horror classic! 

if you'd like to see me absolutely terrified feel free to have a watch!

So honestly, I'm a bit late to the party here, but this is probably the scariest game i've played on my channel. Thank you visceralerror, you have the title for now!

Genuinely freaked me out! great atmosphere, great monsters and good graphics 10/10

Really enjoyed this, especially the jumpscares towards the end - they were a lot to handle. It was quite easy to get lost in the sewers to begin with but overall a good experience. would absolutely play a full version/ updated one! Good effort Mr developer!
Check out my video below and watch me get scared to death!

Slenderman has been beautifully brought back to life in this latest slender game. SO MANY jumpscares, so much terror! Great effort and thank you for making this game. Truly terrifying!

If you fancy seeing me screaming for my life then look no further 😱

For the twist at the end I give this game 10/10 for most original idea. Here's my video of it! Great job Jivapeira you scared the sh*t out of me and then blew my mind at the end 😆

Well that scared the absolute sh*t out of me! I even teared up 😢 thank you so much for that! The sound team should get a payrise, when I stepped towards the house and the atmospheric bass noise kicked in, had me on edge for the entire demo. Can't wait for the game! 

Fantastic experience! Scared the sh*t out of me! Thanks for creating this 🙏🏻