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Such a fun game! Love the simple story and the overall feel of the game!

Totally bizarre and I love it! I honestly had no idea what this was about but I really enjoyed it!

Cool and creepy experience! Loved the look of the game!

Such a fun and odd game! Love the idea!

Had a lot of fun with this game! I love the style and the simplicity, great job!

Cool game! I really enjoyed the concept and the surprise horror element of this game!

I Think this game could have good potential, I like that it's in black and white!

very cool game! I love the whole idea, would love to see this developed further! 

Really cool and creepy game! I'm really diggin' the black and white areas of the game!

I had so much fun with this game! Simple yet challenging!

super creepy and loving the pixelated environment! 

This was a super fun game and very challenging! Daisy is definetly relentless hahaha!

wow this game spooked me a lot! Really creepy vibe! Well done!

This was an interesting game, I like the rewind function! Took some time to figure out what was going on but still cool!

I had a fun time playing this game! Got a good laugh out of it!

this was a cool and interesting idea, I had a lot of fun! 

Neat idea for a game! The dark and eerie house really set the mood for the game!

Interesting and entertaining! I really liked the overall style of the game!

This was a super creepy and unique horror experience! I got a little lost but once I found my way I was thrilled with the story!

This is such a cool concept, I really enjoyed this game!

Really cool concept! The creatures in the hall really got me good! Great work on this, it really gave me the creeps!

This is such a fun and unique game! I love that there are multiple endings! Great job on making an abstract puzzle game starring a tree hahaha! Such a cool idea!

this is such a cool and creepy demo! I'm really looking forward the the final version! 

cool game! I really enjoyed the concept!

This game is a lot more challenging than I expected which is a good thing! I never knew that a Pac

man style game could be so terrifying!!

Never in my life has a supermarket been this terrifying! Cool concept for a game!

I love the update to this game! Such a creepy atmosphere and that stalker of a scarecrow!

such a cool representation of a gameboy game! This is what a horror game would be on the handheld, super awesome, and had a lot of fun playing!

This game has some great potential, keep up the good work! I really liked the atmosphere!

this was completely different from what I was expecting and I was terrified at the end! This game had me on the edge of my seat! Awesome job, the suspense and mystery was worth the time!

This was a great homage to Tomb Raider and it definitely played like it. Awesome job! Keep it up!

This game was pretty spooky! Good job!

Hahaha this was worth every minute! 

Thanks for taking the time to make the game! It was fun!

had some fun with this game! Took me a few tries to figure the puzzle out!

Awesome! Thanks for making such a cool game!

This chapter was great and had me on edge the whole time! Amazing work continuing the story!

this was a creepy and entertaining game! I don't know if closing my eyes made me feel safer though hahaha! Great job, I hope to see more!