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I really enjoyed this game! The retro style Andy color tones set the vibe perfectly! Good stuff! 

I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into this but it actually was a fun game! 

such a fun game and I really enjoyed the story! Well done! I hope Spiky will have more misadventures someday! 

Boy howdy this game is tough as nails! The controls definetly made this a challenge but I loved it! Once again Dave, great job! 

It just had to be ghosts!

wow this game is super tough! Controls were a bit cumbersome but it made this challenging! Great job! 

What's wrong with Bart?

this was interesting! I had some fun while playing this game! NIce job! 

I had fun with this game! Great atmosphere and unsettling vibe! 

Who is the evil half?

this was an interesting but surprisingly enjoyable game! 

What secrets await us on Dank Mountain!

this was such a great little story! The hand physics weren't to difficult or cumbersome which made this so enjoyable! 

Here comes the Antbassador!

This is so much fun and definetly worth the time! This is GTA meets a Shark! 

such a cool game! Surprised me a couple of times! There were some nice aesthetics like the camera positioning, lighting, and story moments! Great job! 

I don't want detention!

such a great narrative! Definetly tugs at your heart strings! I really enjoyed the color palette and the choice in music as it set the mood and tone for the story! Great job! 

No signal, No Response!

I really enjoyed this game and the concept was cool! 

Baldi's at it again! I do like the concept for this addition can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished! 

Going camping with Baldi! What could go wrong!

I just had to give this game a try! Super funny! 

This game was super fun and it was a great concept!

I really like this game and the macabre aesthetic! 

I had fun playing this game! Loved the desaturated color tone it really gave it a creepy vibe! 

this was a fun experience! I enjoyed this game and the creepiness around every corner! 

Here's the last part of my playthrough on this great game! ‪


Great narrative overall! Some of the puzzles took me awhile to figure out but I definetly enjoyed the twist at the end! 

This has been a challenge and it only gets creepier the further you play!

This was an entertaining game! I learned that I shouldn't be a bar tender hahaha! 

This game has been super fun to play! It messes around with your computer and truly seems like the game is interacting with you! (Completely harmless!) The puzzles have been challenging and there always seems to be a twist around every corner! Great game overall, I love the concept!

this was a great game and the concept was unique and interesting. I really appreciated the style and the tone of the game!

Oh boy this game is definitely a rage inducer hahaha! As frustrating as it was, I enjoyed this!

This was a fantastic game! I loved the 2D animation across a 3D world! Wonderful concept as well! 

I really liked this game not only because of its design but by how fun it actually is! Cant wait till a full game is made! 

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the uneasy feeling I had the entire time! Great demo!

Huge improvement from the Krusty Krab! This game definitely took me by surprise and had me thoroughly entertained! I love the story element of this game as well! Great game! 

this was a short fun game! I was getting nervous at the end haha! 

Had a lot of fun with this game and the transitions between the rooms was a cool touch!

This game has some good potential! I look forward to the full game!

This game was pretty fun and was a bit challenging the further you get into it! 

This was a super scary and difficult game! Well done! I've never been more terrified of a cartoon in my life!

Lumin community · Created a new topic I am the star child!

Lumin is a nice game with an interesting concept of manipulating light to solve puzzles!

This was a short but fun search and find game! 

This was a fun game, interesting concept! Had a heck of a time finding the last doll hahaha! 

I had a blast with this game, just loving the vibe in this remastered version! 

I had no idea what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised! Great game!