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Fun game! Definitely creepy! 

this was a cool little game! Got me a couple of times hahaha!

This was definitely something else hahaha! Cool and wacky game with that Siren ahead flair!

I really enjoyed this game! Siren Head definitely gave me a run for my money hahaha!

Cool little game! Short and sweet!

I don't think retail is the job for me! The customers are ruthless hahaha! Great game, very challenging! 

Cool little game! I had fun playing it. 

This was a fun game! Took me a few tries before I figured out how to navigate through the evil halls!

I knew this was going to be strange but I was pleasantly surprised! I love the open world aspect of the game, the controls took some time to get used to but overall I enjoyed it!

Neat story! I definitely didn't expect the outcome of this camping trip! The VHS style filter was a nice touch!

Great looking SirenHead game! It definitely captures the eerie and ominous feel that SirenHead encompasses! I did run into some glitches but overall this was a cool experience, thanks for making it!

Awesome! Thanks for making the game! I look forward to the full version!

Such a cool game! I love the whole greenish atmosphere that reminds me of an Aliens film! 

Another hilarious and entertaining game Dema! I had fun playing this one! 

Good start to a game! It was a little quite but the jumpscares did catch me off guard!

Hey no problem! Thanks for making this game! Ill definitely play the full game when its done!

This was a fun little game! Though I was never able to kill old Siren Head! Gameplay is the second half of the video!

Really cool and creepy vibe! You should expand into a longer story! Nice work! 

This was such a neat and eerie game! The Scythe Dev Team does not disappoint!

This is a fun start to a game! I really like the style choice! Keep it up and I cant wait to see a full version!

No problem! Thanks for making the game!

Really interesting story with a good amount of horror! Nice work!

I really liked the concept of this game! Took me a moment to figure out what to do.

Very artistic and creepy! Well done, I really enjoyed playing this game!

This is such a good start to the game! Can't wait for the full game!

At first I wasn't sure what I was going to expect, but then I was completely surprised hahaha! Fun game!

Great short little horror game! It was worth the play!

This was a really great game! Creepy and engaging! Never gonna go to the movies alone hahaha!

Hahaha this was such a fun little game! I did not expect that ending though LOL!

Really creepy and well done! Love the narrative!

Such a fun horror game! Definetly creepy!

I had downloaded it on Feb 25th so I think it was the first version.

I had fun playing this game! Nice work, keep it up!

This has a lot of potential, I really enjoyed this demo!

This was such a cool and creepy experience! Well done!

This was really cool and interesting! Nice work!

Fun game with such a dark story! Nice job!

You bet I will play it!

This is a great start to an awesome looking game! Cant wait to see more!