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Awesome! Thanks for making such a cool game!

This chapter was great and had me on edge the whole time! Amazing work continuing the story!

this was a creepy and entertaining game! I don't know if closing my eyes made me feel safer though hahaha! Great job, I hope to see more!

this is the start of something really cool! Even though it's short, it sets up the premise of a unique horror experience! I would love to see this flushed out to a longer game!

Wow! This was super creepy and the atmosphere was dark and eerie! Great Demo!

my boy Slonder is back with some more fan art! This was entertaining but I couldn't find all his drawings hahaha! 

I had fun playing this game! Never in my life had I imagined that it would be so hard to get home!

Such a great demo! I really enjoyed it and I cant wait for it to be finished! Great tribute!

Hahaha! This was such a funny surprise! It was short, but oh so sweet!

I've had such a blast playing through this series and although I'm sad that it's finished I'm very happy with how it ended! Looking forward to what's next from the studio! 

This was such a cool demo! Definetly has a lot of potential!

This was a fun game! Really enjoyed the atmosphere and the puzzles! 

Wow! This is such a fresh and challenging horror game! Truly a fun experience that kept me on the edge of my seat! I look forward to what the final version of this game has to offer! 

This had such a great vibe and atmosphere! The puzzles were challenging enough that it wasn't frustrating! This game has some real potential and would be cool full game! 

This is a really cool and spooky game! The dark and eerie cave adds to the overall atmosphere!

This was such a cool horror experience! The VHS filter truly looked awesome and definitely added to the dark and terrifying atmosphere! 

This was such an amazing yet challenging indie horror game! I love the VHS filter as it added to the creepy atmosphere. Definetly hyped for the next part!

Oh man this was a fun game! Very challenging and lots of surprises around every corner! Nosferatu is very relentless so be ready!

I really enjoyed this horror game! Definitely creepy and the atmosphere gave me the shivers!

This was such a cool demo! I hope a full game does happen cause this was great!

this was such a cool demo can't wait for the full game! Love the creepy atmosphere! 

Had a blast playing through this game! Challenging enough that it held my attention! 

This is such a fun and challenging game, well worth the play!

Fun little game! I got a kick out of it! Has the potential to be a cool game!

great story and such an awesome experience! Great work on this horror game! 

This was a fun game! I managed to be awful but it was still very entertaining!

The game is cool and creepy yet challenging! Great game, my strategy was horrific hahaha!

I had fun with this game! The spider gave me the creeps hahaha

Now I'm never going to the docks again! This was fun but challenging!

This was such a fun and creepy game! Loved the story and the vibe! 

This was a really cool game! I wasn't sure if it was going to be spooky but I was wrong! Great job! 

This was a fun little horror game! Nice job! 

I really enjoyed this short horror game! It was a littlest quite but I didn't mind at all! Great job! 

This was such a fun game, I really love the style and the story! 

Another great game Dave! This was challenging enough to be fun even when I got lost haha!

This was super creepy and fun! Great horror game! 

this was an interesting and fun game! Could be really cool as a full game!

This was not what I was expecting but then I was pleasantly surprised how touching and emotional this narrative was! Although there wasn't much interaction the experience of the museum was a nice touch! Beautiful story! 

As bizarre as this game was I had fun playing it! Definetly could be a cool full game! 

wow this was bizarre and fun at the same time! Kind of reminded me of warioware a bit! Good job!