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Well tbf, it is an alpha build. Will most likely get fixed.

Question: Why isn't Charlotte listed as a route in the stats screen thingy? Or is she listed as something different? (First time playing; Playing the Windows Version)

The music that plays after getting Tinker Bell's voice back sounds kind of like the DigDug theme. Lmfao.

Quick Question: Why does Antivirus software register this game as a Trojan Virus? Is it a similar thing to Cheat Engine, where you're using a file or program that allows you to run ads and at least get some money from it or something like that?

The  game is free on Steam, if you want to play it that way.

You were saying?

go with whatever you want. Just make sure it meets the requirements

I have accepted your friend request


Download isn't conpatible with the desktop client

Download isn't compatible with the desktop app

It could be the sequel. Have this be a prequel to the  horror movies. LMAO

Thought this was a romance game based on the horror movies. LMAO

This IS an 18+ game, which makes me think you might be a minor as you don't seem to have caught on with the terms in the name of the game.

Is there a menu where I can save and stuff? An option to play in windowed mode would also be nice.

Will you be able to get characters pregnant in future updates?

Lol. Harry Potter's got two 18+ games on now. With the other one being Wands and Witches. I'll be sure to check this out when I can.

okay thanks. If it's not a thing you can do, then don't worry about it. 

okay thanks. If it's not a thing you can do, then don't worry about it. 

Can you make the download compatible with the desktop app?

Please update the game some more.

(2 edits)

Love that Chloe from Life is Strange is in the game. Haven't gotten that far into it but I'm hopeful that I can fuck her. 

EDIT: Succesfully fucked her. Should be able to impregnate her if you fuck her before going into cryo. Also liked the Mass Effect reference and Back to the Future "To Be Continued" thing. LOL. Hope development keeps going. This was a great game.

2nd EDIT shortly after the first edit: Can we get Wheatly from Portal 2 in the game? Like...he's drifted far into space and Ruby sees him. LOL. Maybe some Doctor Who characters as well? They could use the Tardis and land on either the spaceship or the habitable planet. *Wink Wink*

Got it

Can you make the download compatible with the desktop app?

Can you make the download compatible with the desktop app? It would make the download process a lot easier for me and most likely other people as well.

The download isn't compatible with the desktop app. Is there a way you could fix this?

I feel like a Visual Novel sequel would be nice for this game...maybe an 18+ dating sim where you date some of the orcs that came to the pub. ;>)

Yay! It works now. I can finally play the game. LOL

Before I install the game, I have a few questions.

My questions:

1. Does the game have a story?

2. Will this game recieve more updates?

3. Will the game be expanded upon?

I might be able to help translate the game to English for you.

Could you add a list of stuff in  the game to the description?

(Example: kinks, tags, amount of sex scenes, etc.)

Make more games. This was really fun.

Can you make the download compatible with the desktop app?

BUG: By using the feature where you talk to multiple people simultaneously, you can increase your status with people that left that room during the same time period(Example: I used the feature when I only Malfoy was in the Slytherin Common Room with me, and it gave me points towards Snaps who left the room after I talked to him.

Look at the comment below this one. LOL

and maybe a bit of Doctor Strange. He has the Time Stone, he's an adult male...pretty sure he would put it t use.

Well, in an episode os Stargate: SG-1, versions of the SGC from a paralell universe came through the Stargate and parallel universes can be a result of time travel

The only student I haven't talked to is Astoria and she doesn't want to talk to me.

Is he in a classroom?

Any NSFW version planned?