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In previous chapters, Madeline goes through the same bubbles after collecting B-sides, and her hair is red.

In the part where you collect 4 keys, when you collect a key Madeline is transported back to the start in a bubble. Her hair in the animation is the wrong color, it should be red but it was pink.

Yes, the theme was added just now, it's "FREQUENCY". Following the theme is optional, though.

Very nice! For some reason, after I died and respawned in the first room, the game didn't respond to any of my key presses and I had to Alt+F4 out of it.

Are we allowed to put filters on the screen, like blur or screen shake?
(the main graphics will still only be made out of text)

"Must be made with pixels" is a very vague statement. Any image is made with pixels. Did you mean the graphics must be low-res or pixel art?

The rules of the jam clearly state that the game must be made within the time of the jam. You uploaded this game a year ago...

Please don't upload your game to unrelated jams.

First you have to create the page for your game, then submit that to the jam.

Again, as long as the result will be a playable game, it doesn't matter what engine or language you use to make it.

I have some nice ideas for arcade games, but they don't follow the theme. Is it ok to make a game that doesn't follow the creative theme?

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What does "Keep a theme of the original GameBoy" mean exactly?

btw the year on the jam's page is wrong

It says "no gradients" in the rules, so probably not.

I would like to use a raycasting engine I made some time ago. Am I allowed to use it for this jam even though it wasn't made throughout the jam?