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thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely take these into account. things like reload cancelling, better weapon switching, and various bug fixes are in the works and should be done by the next update. the dashing sword enemy also sounds really cool and would make the combat a lot more interesting, so I'll see if I can add something like that in :)

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the crosshair should line up with where the bullet goes, this is most likely just a bug and I'm currently looking into fixing it. 

regarding the performance, the game is heavily gpu bound due to all the post processing so I'm planning to add more graphics settings to help alleviate this. I get over 300 fps on a 2070 though, so I'm not sure why it's performing badly on your machine. maybe check that vsync is off?

edit: the aiming bug has been fixed! I've updated the download with the fixed version and also made some performance fixes.

good suggestions! I'll definitely take those issues into account. I've actually already managed to fix a couple of them, but I'll do my best to get them all. Hopefully, they should be gone by the next update.

that is correct


yeah, the ai is a little janky lol. I'm currently in the process of reworking it though, so it'll hopefully be a lot better in the final version.

oh yeah thanks lol, i probably should have normalized the movement a long time ago.

the other stuff has been mostly fixed by now though, but thanks for the suggestions :)

thanks! this build of the game was made about a week after I started development, so it's extremely barebones lol.

but since then i've added more guns and improved the wallrunning, among other things. however i probably won't add crouching and sliding because i'm going for more of a doom eternal but with more movement feel and i don't think it's really worth the effort, mostly because i can't be bothered to animate it lol.

thanks! and yeah, i'll definitely be implementing those ideas later on, this build of the project was mostly just a demo of the movement mechanics and basic functionality.

very spooky, 10/10

lmao yeah that's my bad. 

i removed the top window bar thing so it would look better when recording and stuff, but neglected to remove it later. 

I can't really do much about it now so...enjoy, i guess?