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The Mac version does not seem to work it just keeps quiting and will not open 

I read about a cheat mode! How is this possible? 

Thank you but the end sequence does not load it just says run then ready then nothing, if I type in the code it just comes up with an error... If I play on the disc copy not the tape copy will the end sequence run automaticaly? 


I know this post was 1year old however I just completed the game again and got the code for the ending and have no idea how to load the seperately from disk image sorry would you be able to tell me how to do so... I use Vice emulator. 

I got a code at the end of the game what does that mean ? 

Awesome game I have just completed it with the help o some self made maps lol this was the most fun I have had playing a game in a long time 

How can I play this on MacOS I want to buy this so bad 

Im on a Mac and using the itch app when I press install it does not download ? just letting you guys know... 

The game looks awesome btw