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Steve Dean

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Hello all. My name is Steve Dean, I'm a freelance writer from Nottingham in the UK. (The place Robin Hood came from, and yes he was a real person!) I read, write, watch and play mostly within the genres of science fiction and fantasy, my favourite being stuff with robots. (Inspired by Isaac Azimov) As I'm very old I have a long and wide experience of the whole thing.  

To be honest, and this is probably my age, I've become a bit jaded over the years, the mainstream seem to have lost their way of late, and are just churning out the same old stuff. Thankfully we have the indie community, who are producing some fantastic material in all genres and mediums.

I found this Sworddream Jam while looking for Jams to enter. When I read through the 9 Principles I was hooked!

This is a simple but addictive game for two players. It's essentially complete, but I'd like to add a single-player option at some point and maybe some different teams. I made the whole game myself, including art and sounds, using the GDevelop game engine.

Hello, and thank you for the kind words. I agree about the art, I'm certainly no artist! 

Hello SkyCharger. Thanks for the suggestion.

That's a good idea. I'll add a mute function into the next version.



I've updated this game from version 1 to version 2. There are two new levels, and there are now more functions, including a horn for scaring aliens and the ability to push and pull suitable objects.

The controls are shown on the controls screen,  the blue icon with the sliding levers.

Basically A = left D = Right. R to repair, O to open C to close doors. L for Lift (Elevator) M for Magnet and N for reverse magnet.

The Game will hold your level progress as long as you don't restart it. As I add more levels I'll put in a Save function.

Here's my latest game, as you can see it's a big improvement on my previous stuff. More time has been spent on it, and more skill I think! I'm going to be adding extra levels as time permits.

This is just a simple screensaver with a deeper meaning. Is it art, science, or a mix of both? You decide.

Ok, changed keybinding to L instead of space bar, should work fine now.

For some reason, pressing the space bar causes the screen to jump up because it's trying to type in this box.

Thank you for your comments, that's very kind of you. I'm a freelance writer by trade, so I always start with the story. 


Thanks, that's great. It's a shame about the other entry, hope they get their game working soon.



Thanks again! And thanks for the link, I've registered, but not had much time to look around yet. 


Thank you very much, that's made my day!

Ok, I've now uploaded a .exe version and an AppImage version for Windows and Linux. I've tested them in Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 so far and they're fine. Hope this helps.


The only suggestion I've had so far is it could be the browser, particularly if its Chrome, as there are some security settings that prevent the browser accessing files on your hard drive. The work around seems to be to use Firefox!


Really sorry to hear that, I have no idea why not. I've tried it on various computers and it works fine. I know that doesn't help you at all. I'll ask in the tech forums and get back to you if I find a solution. 



Hello everyone. Today I released my first video game! It's a very simple single-screen, two-player game involving creatures playing a game like tennis on their forgotten shelf at the back of a dark shed. It's quite original I think, and a little quirky. I hope to add some more features to it later, like a single-player mode against an AI opponent, and possibly easy and hard modes. I would also like to increase the choice of characters which can be played by adding new teams in different colours with different creatures. 

I hope you enjoy it!

It was made using GDevelop 5 and Audacity, it took about five weeks working full time to get to this stage. I welcome any constructive feedback and suggestions.