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Hi everyone,

I've built a bipedal runner with 12 muscles. Nothing special, think of a cat: Two legs with knees and feet, head and tail for balance, bendable back. The brain consists of 4 layers with 42 nodes: 6 input, 10 hidden, 14 hidden, 12 output.

My goal is to have a runner, who doesn't hop along like a cangarooh, but actually stretches and contracts like a cheetah. I'm at generation 300+, still seeing steady improvement. I'm simulating for 20 seconds, but most creatures can hop along for the full 100 seconds without tripping. But I'm afraid it's going to plateau at hopping again.

I've got no clue, whether this brain is of an appropriate size, or if it is to big or to small for this task.

Does anyone have experience with this or comparable creatures? What's your creature's brain size?