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No I mean it. Game is simple, fun and physics based. Despite it's comparatively higher CPI, I liked the idea, sounds and the gameplay a lot. 

Best game of the jam imho.

100% compelled, great pain.

Very useful and stylistic generator as always! 

Lots of new features are exciting for the future. Also I'm interested in Turkish localization so I followed you on twitter. 

It would be very cool if it played on mobile platforms too

"ö" key press crashes the game

tried to kill the wizard  but nope. fun puzzles

So little yet so enthralling. Now I'm so hooked up with the idea of a tr clone powered by that kind of new and simple mechanics which respects the original concept, a new artstyle and maybe a kind of intergalactic post-apocalyptic tomb raiding plot with full of mystery.

It's been like a year or so man, can't link that :D

Fun puzzles and stylized gfx combined made it an enjoyable experience overall. Would play if there are more puzzles

I've been tracking this project since you've been uploading screenshots on AGDG threads and looks like it grew beyond itself. It feels already polished and loved the fluid gameplay too. Keep up the good work

Nice idea, glad that you're "finally finished" this project. Could be very addictive in mobile or handheld consoles. Also you might think of adding some kind of narration that'll build atmosphere and distracting the player a little bit :)

Oh hello, I'm working on ball speed and ball stuck issues, please do specify the other bugs so I can fix them.  Thanks for the comment

I need to build proper levels asap for preventing the ball stuck, but bump feature might really be cool gotta check it too

I updated it to follow ball now. After placing the scene details it would be worth to have. 

I'll try harder for not to use asset packages and hacking them instead of writing the entire mechanic by myself. Also I'm trying to specialize on shaders and ambience so this has been very motivating, thanks for playing.

Couldn't get any better of the recovery mechanism. Tried checkpoint system and didn't like the approach so I did rewrite the recovery system but it didn't make a major difference :( Thanks for the feedback though

Thanks for the feedback

As I've seen you struggle, it was obvious to fix movement and jumping. Thanks for playing btw

Thanks for the feedback, I've changed the jumping/movement mechanics as you suggested so.

Had a lot of fun, nice job