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It should be on Itch as well? I'm uploading it again just in case but I always do itch and steam simultaneously. Give it another try!

week #1 patch notes!

- added seven new cave locations
- added three new forest locations
- added three new ruin locations
- added more graphics and visuals
- added campfire level 3
- added trade depot level 2
- added a new artefact 'Grondularis'
- (blue slugs)!
- (fire slugs)!
- (sneaky crawlers)!
- (troll boss - test yourself!)!
- large wounds are removed properly from large bandages
- enemies will no longer charge power attacks when stunned
- companions will no longer get stuck chasing dead targets
- slightly reduced the length of stuns for several enemies (mainly orcs)
- companions are slightly stronger
- clicking an icon on the map will tell you immediately if it is under development or not
- no longer start each scene with slightly less health
- reduced the delay time for some enemies between attacks
- lowered crit chance generating on sword drops
- improved accuracy of mob projectiles
- companions will now follow by using ladders and dropping through platforms
- can no longer use cave walls to propel into the void!
- new Death SFX for player
- increased the speed of dashes, and reduced its cool-down (to make dash/backstab tactic quicker and easier)
- increased dash stamina cost by 10%
- can no longer dodge orc attacks by standing still
- made the crazy librarian stronger (haha sucked in!)
- reduced the lag in large mob groups
- the player can now receive burning damage over time
- fixed adamantine armour animation on player jumping
- green goblin attack animation is slower and more obvious
- player will regain health if area is cleared (despite poison)
- can pickup books even when inventory is full
- lots of other minor fixes

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