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Posted in OptiTeam

Okay, after a big consultaion with the team, we're going to give up. We just aren't in the great mood, and nothing's going in the great way.

We'll be finishing some stuff and maybe do a little build, but we're not in anymore.

But we'll be here next year for sure!

Thank you for this event anyway!

Posted in OptiTeam

I'm taking so much late on my side, pretty stressed out with this jam...

I'll try to do a big update tomorrow, with many of the work. Just for now, we have nothing to show, and nothing running well.

Good luck for the other teams!

Posted in OptiTeam

We're really really late.

Here's our state :

  • The main idea is fixed, we know precisely what we want.
  • We have the first visuals of our main character.
  • We did a first jet for the main theme music.
  • We did the engine basics and the main menu.

We'll try to be in time for the next checks, sorry for that!

Created a new topic OptiTeam

We're in!

The OptiTeam is :

  • Tori : Art, Design
  • Matthieu : Programming, Game design
  • Rova : Music and sfx.

We'll be using Unity, photoshop, Blender, FL Studio, and some other tools.

Matthieu and Rova are at university between 9AM and 4PM every day, and Tori isn't available the whole 48h, so we're gettin a bit late, but we'll finish in time!

Good luck to everyone!