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Watching cartoons while re-testing the game hoping that there is no game-breaking bugs 🐢

The game is playable here by the way!

Please don't hesitate to give us feedbacks, it would really help! 

Can we have some news about the post-jam yesterday? Did everything go well? Did you show some games made remotely? Did the judging begin? 

Thank you so much for making this jam by the way! 

Here's some new screen from the game.

We're really in the rush so I can't tell if we'll post anything else before 6!

See you soon!

Here's our Safety Executable, downlable HERE

The game is far from finish, every words are still placeholders...

I hope we'll have time to add the main content before 6PM!

unity is open!

i'm currently working on stylish effects on words

that's fun

still watching cartoons while unity's opening

Is it possible to stay anonymous? We aren't really confortable with having our faces on internet.

But we can ask Yineri to do a little drawing of the team if you want!

Anyway, here's a first footage of the basic gameplay.

It's a story-driven typing game, where the player travels into the memories of a mysterious person.

We are a bit late in the development, I hope we'll manage to finish it in time!

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We are a team of 3, working remotly from France and Belgium!

Yineri : Art - First GameJam ever!
uj : music/sound, 3rd gamejam
Stending : Programing/Design 10+ GameJam

We'll be using Unity,  FLStudio,  Ableton, Paint Tool SAI, Clip studio paint, Gimp... 

We're currently brainstorming and finishing the main ideas of the game,  we'll keep you posted as soon as we have some visuals/audio/programming done!

Meanwhile, we can only show this authentic piece of discussion

Good luck to everyone, see you soon!