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What do You need?

Yes but for how long do i have to shoot drones? I spent a good 15 minutes, and it never ended, did My Game buged?

And if You skip You don't, why do i do?

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Hello, i'm loving the Game and what it can become. Is just that i'm wandering, the only way to make money is with Rebecca right?

But the drone shooting seems infinite, i spent 15 minutos shooting drones just for nothing to happen, can somebody explain to me what am i doing wrong please.

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Hello, i love interactive porn games, like yours, i would Buy it but My PC just broke, and i only hace My phone left, so... I would Buy it for my phone, if it was posible...

I think You get where i'm going... Please. And thanks.

i have the same problem, did you solve it?

im inloved with your game. i want more of this, i cant wait to buy the full game <3

i would donate to you but i lost my job lastly, hope you finish the game soon.