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Stellar Door Games

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This is wonderful! Really fun to figure out the rules. Great atmospheric take on a classic, which works surprisingly well without numbers!

I loved the humor of this game as I was playing it, but I also found that I kept fondly recalling the characters after I finished it. I'm really impressed that the dev has managed to craft such a rich world and memorable characters in such a small package. A real gem!

This was really fun! It was confusing at first, but watching the console messages helped, and it felt very satisfying to complete. :)

I just tried it on a different computer and you're right, it went to the new version. Thanks. 

Btw, what's the best place to ask questions? Here, the subreddit, PM? 

I managed to find a link to 2.2 documentation on your website, but most places, including the asset store page and this page, link to a 2.1 version of the documents that has a lot of broken links. You might want to update those links.

I love the cheating part. Nice!

This is possibly the best Fruity Pebbles game ever made. It's at least in the top 2. Magnificent.