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At first I didn't get the time vortex thing, it just seemed like a game where you pull instead of push, which is itself a cool idea. But it slowly dawned on me that I was playing the levels backwards, and that even though the mechanic is straight forward, for the solution it often helped to play through the game in reverse in my head, starting from the end positions. This is definitely one of my favorites.

I got surprisingly far in this and I'm not even sure how...

Ouch, my brain...

No one has advanced the basic Sokoban concept more than you. This is brain melting stuff, but really brilliant.

Great creative combination of theme and mechanic!

This is wonderful! Really fun to figure out the rules. Great atmospheric take on a classic, which works surprisingly well without numbers!

I loved the humor of this game as I was playing it, but I also found that I kept fondly recalling the characters after I finished it. I'm really impressed that the dev has managed to craft such a rich world and memorable characters in such a small package. A real gem!

This was really fun! It was confusing at first, but watching the console messages helped, and it felt very satisfying to complete. :)

I just tried it on a different computer and you're right, it went to the new version. Thanks. 

Btw, what's the best place to ask questions? Here, the subreddit, PM? 

I managed to find a link to 2.2 documentation on your website, but most places, including the asset store page and this page, link to a 2.1 version of the documents that has a lot of broken links. You might want to update those links.

I love the cheating part. Nice!

This is possibly the best Fruity Pebbles game ever made. It's at least in the top 2. Magnificent.