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nvm i just broke that with a score of 21260 :)

I got a top score of 14550. I'm very proud :)

Right, Left, Up, Left Up Down, Up Up, Down Up, Left Up Left Up, Down. 

It's not perfect but do try it

Right, Down, Left, Up, Down. Up. Right, Down, Left, Up, Down. Left.

Try it :)

Down, Right, Up, Left. Right. Right. Right. Right, Down. Down, Right, Up, Left, Right, R-Right, R-Right, Up, Right, Left, Down, Right, Down. 

Try it for yourselves :)

Very cool. I like the very sudden change of tone a lot. I died on night 3 which is VERY epic but yeah. The only problem i really had was that although it'd give me the option to mute the call, the call never happened once. I thought it was really weird especially since all of the other audio worked just fine. but yeah, overall 10/10 game

pretty fun. i managed to get to level 18 before getting a little bored but otherwise this definitely ain't bad at all.

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i did that. several times. I dunno if maybe that's because im playing on chromebook on the website or what

maybe it's just me but the game isn't working anymore. i tried booting it up and although it got to the menu screen there was no audio. once i hit new game it pulled up the "Night 1" screen and proceeded to stay like this after almost 6 minutes of waiting. after that i got bored and went to play the second game and beat it but i still want to beat this one. if anyone else is having this issue please do reply

Finally beat it. I'm not gonna try 6/20 yet for the sake of my sanity. i'll update this comment if i beat it

sounds like someone didn't listen to the night 1 instructions

man i speedran to get those achievement

agreed >:(

No Game Over screen of you in a maid suit. 0/10. Bad game. (this is a joke naturally but i am slightly let down :( )

im waiting with you. I NEED to know

I hate how GOOD this is. It's literally just fnaf 1 but god fucking damn it it's FUNNY. also ngl all the characters including yourself in the game over screen do be cute tho

this is literally fantastic

remeber what that dude said in the cave? how he got there? that's all im gonna say

Here's what I'll say about each ending without spoiling it.

A: You'll probably get it on your first play

B: Worth it

C: Probably the hardest ending

D: Also worth it

E: Oh jeez...