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That logic only works if your brain functions with less processing power than an expired hotdog. NSFW is an umbrella dipshit. It coveres a variety of things. Does it include pornography and sex? yes, obviously. can you watch that at work? no, obviously not, but you're also not going to go to work, then queue up some gore and watch it because, get this, it's fucking NSFW. That's not even mentioning the fact that most work places that DO have TVs, broadcast either cable shows, the news, or whatever movies are on, which 9/10, aren't going to feature things like gore or sex. Just because the game doesn't have anything for you to wank it to, which I'm sure is the ONLY reason you're complaining, because anything else would be stupid, doesn't mean it shouldn't be put as NSFW

Hello Zed! Just a little update on the wiki I've been working on!  Currently, I have made it up to The Vermander Curse, having added all characters and story details, albeit most side characters have yet to be done. Overall, I've got a total of 34 pages up! Soon however, I hope to start working on the articles for Midnight Maid Night! Also, if I may ask, I would like to ask you a few questions regarding a few things about these games, as well as potential info regarding you. If you are interested let me know. If not, that is perfectly fine! For now, have a good one, and I'll be keeping myself busy!

My best "speedrun" right now is 7:37.36

I will admit, i could definitely do better.

no edits required

So this is just Furry Jump King?

this game is tough man

Final time


what happened to all of my progress.

Beat that cat in less than a minute lol

I'm close to 100%ing your game.

based Bad Piggy

I found a bug. If you use the freeze ability as you die, when you start a new round, enemies don't spawn

It's ONE dollar. If you don't have it, you're living on the streets

Hey Zed! This is kind of a weird way of trying to get in contact with you, but I'd like to let you know that I'm currently making a Zed_Technician Games Wiki! For the most part, it's for fun, but also I'm definitely a huge nerd. That's kinda all I have to say? Yeah. Have a good one!


The animations once the catch gets harder are honestly hilarious

ez game lmao (this was the hardest experience of my life)

Add run please :)

Ez game lol (i have died on several occasions)

Help. What is this place?

no one is online :(

The game was honestly kind of ruined for me because of the difficulty curve. The game seemed really charming at the start, but immediately after starting the barrier stage, I hadn't won once, as the enemy AI was super aggressive, giving me no chance to make any kind of tanks to compete. That's not to mention that powerful cannons like the Howitzer, could get strapped onto ultra small units, making them basically you kill instantly if the enemy made a bunch. Call it a skill issue if you want, but honestly, the game just stomps you out

The game doesn't fit on the screen properly. I can't even play it

This is ungodly fun

We need more pinball stages. Also, on the main stage with the three large bouncers, only when I play with lives, does it get stuck between all three. It gives me infinite points, but it can't ever seem to escape it :/

Can you add a feature that lets you change your account email/delete accounts? It turns out the email I initially used was wrong, and made a second account by accident. I even have deluxe on the first account, and I'd hate to loose it. 

stupid among us easter egg ruined my whole day >:( 10/10

Has a browser version been considered? I've seen a good deal of gameplay and I'd really like to try it, but unfortunately I own a chromebook, meaning it'd have a stroke if I tried downloading the game and playing it like that

This game is honestly just so cool, I'm genuinely kind of addicted. There's something so fun about walking around, fixing some art or adding on, drawing your own stuff, or just looking at art in general. I never really considered myself much of an artist, but this game brought some of the best art right out of me

also damn i typed a lot lmao

This is definitely a big change of pace in terms of characters and design. Hannah and Vermander, being our first human characters fit very well among the anthropomorphic characters, but ironically I think Vermander's proportions are more irregular than anyone else's. His head is just teeny tiny in comparison to his body. Another complaint I have is the lack of the appearance of the demon. I know it can appear at the windows before quickly disappearing, but I genuinely didn't know this until I was actively looking for it, just so I could see it. Man in the Window and Beware the Shadowcatcher are better in the regards that the monsters are shown partially, and frequently enough to where you can imagine the whole beast, and sure you do see the Shadowcatcher in full, the Man is still mostly vague. Even then, when seeing the demon's "full design" thanks to lit up images that some folks had used for thumbnails, it isn't particularly frightening or unnerving in comparison to the priors. Overall though, the game is pretty good, character's are enjoyable, designs were nice, and the gameplay was once again unique. I'd give a solid 7/10, with Beware the Shadowcatcher still being my favorite game of yours so far.

I kinda wish the game was a little longer, but frankly it works well. The Man from the Window has a very menacing presence despite never appearing in full. Just out of general curiosity, how big is the Man, and does he have a real name besides "The man from the window?"

This one's easily the best. The characters have depth, and the shadowfolk are charming. Honestly though the Shadowcatcher really takes the cake as although his design is simple at a surface level, it really works super well.

God this game is so fuckin' hard but god damn it was it so rewarding to slay that damn dragon

pretty funny, although i think it would've been better if it was randomized

I've never been more invested in a multiple ending game in my whole life(except maybe Undertale but we'll exclude that). Strawberry as a character is absolutely amazing and her story is so tragic. Some of the choices I made had begun to make me hate myself, I was that invested. I think this game is fantastic and frankly, I would love to see the character return or possibly have the game expanded on

nvm i just broke that with a score of 21260 :)

I got a top score of 14550. I'm very proud :)