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Honestly, that early version is pretty barebones. It's missing most features of the final version, and it goes infinitely exponential pretty quickly.

I went ahead and built a Linux version in Unity, though. I don't currently have a Linux system to test on, so I'm not sure if it works correctly, but why don't you give it a go! Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Not in its current form, no.

The original prototype was written in Python, and did indeed run in the terminal, but alas, as the game grew more complex, the scope demanded a more robust implementation.

idleCMD community · Posted in ncie


Nice! That's an impressive amount of clicks.

If you typed "click" for all of those, that's pretty good!

Did you find the SHOP and HR options?

Shorthand allows you to type "c" to add a manual click, instead of typing out the whole word!

Another tip: You can type "info X" to view information about any upgrade/employee that you're curious about.


That's super strange! What version of the game are you seeing this in? Web or Windows executable? If web, what browser are you using? Maybe it's a localization problem... The game was developed and tested in en_US, are you playing in a different locale?

I'm very curious as to the root cause of this issue.

Thanks! It means a lot that you enjoyed your time with it. I'm planning on making some more updates in the future... Many possibilities are in the mix, but I'll definitely take yours under advisement!

I've gotten a lot of good feedback about the QA Guys over the last day or so. As much as I like the flavor, I think I will have to nerf them a bit.

There are a definitely still a few small updates in the works. I'd like to move on to a new project at some point, but I want to get idleCMD in a good place before I move on entirely.

Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoy it!

Oh, interesting. I've never seen that double comma issue that you mentioned. It's definitely supposed to be just a regular decimal point!

I've gotten a lot of feedback about the QA Guys being unbalanced. I'm thinking about how to best balance/fix them. I'll definitely take your suggestion into consideration. Thanks again.

Thanks for the feedback!

Analysts are working as intended. They double their speed every time they click without any user input. They don't really start going until you let them sit for ~30 seconds!

Extra tip: You can type "info X" in the shop/HR to get a brief description of any upgrade or employee.