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Where are they located in the Linux version? I was unable to find them.

Ok for me.

Just something small I just noticed. Sometimes characters aren't positioned on the correct place. For example I place Hoagie in the lab next to the carton near the match machine. Then I switch to Bernard who is in the lobby, I go down to the lab and Hoagie is suddenly on the left, in front of the time machine. Bit annoying but no show stopper. Playing with the 1.0.3 update under Linux Mint 19 x64.

First, really nice game! And available for Linux too, yes!

So here's a small bug report, when the mouse pointer is hidden (some dialog is in progress or some cutscene) the mouse turns into a small white box (the size of the normal game pointer). Strange thing is I cannot take a screenshot because in the shot it ends up as the normal os mouse pointer. I am using Linux Mint 19 (based on Ubuntu 16.04 x64). Maybe someone else can confirm this behaviour. After the cutscene/dialog the pointer correctly turns again in the custom game mouse pointer.