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This is an adorable little game and I really enjoyed it!

This game was surprisingly good. It's not what I expected so if not for the bundle I would have sadly overlooked it. The characters, story, gameplay, and art were great!

very short but I enjoyed it. It has cute art and a nice message. I actually really liked the music, especially when the bunny bursts in the house. Great job since its your first time doing music. 

I really enjoyed this game. Nice story and characters with a good message. I didn't realize it's not finished, but I will be (im)patiently waiting for the ending!

Hi! Just wanted to say my game is bugged and I'm wondering if you can fix it. In the desert dungeon, I got all three doors open and I went upstairs to get the last door. The room with the spikes should spawn enemies (I looked up a youtube video) but the enemies won't spawn so the door won't open, preventing me from continuing the game. It should be spawning the tornado like enemies that disappear.