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Really nice overall MVP! Here are my notes:

  • It could explain the control layout better from the start
  • The fact that the magnet can go through the thin walls but the robot can’t is unintuitive
  • The switches look more like weird buttons, it’s not immediately clear that each side activates a different state
  • It would be nice if, when you go back into a level you’ve finished, you can still collect the key to end the level. Like how in Mario Odyssey, getting a Moon for the second time just gives you 10 coins.
  • It would also be nice if there was a diegetic way to return to the hub (instead of just through the pause menu)
  • I wish I could throw further quicker. The game has lots of speedrunning potential but having to hold the button down before throwing it (and how slowly the trajectory guide fades in) feels like it kills that potential
  • I know the levels probably aren’t staying but the last two were pretty easy to get softlocked in

Really interesting game! ...I think. It suffers mainly by not explaining itself very well at the beginning, and I never quite got the hang of things. But it's a neat concept nonetheless.

Really nice concept! The switching controls between two characters to accomplish tasks is familiar, but the added mechanic of rejoining them before a timer runs out is cool and challenging! I personally had a hard time with the platforming challenges- the edges of platforms are slippery? But the concept is there, and I can see myself having a lot of fun with a more polished version.

For a 5-hour project this is really impressive! There's obviously a good amount of jank, but the idea is solid. If you plan to flesh out the game, I'd recommend making earlier puzzles smaller, and also making the characters able to walk sideways through tunnels that are only 1 block high. Regardless, great work.

Very nice game! I love the art style :)