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A great remake of the original game which reminds me a lot of memories linked to my Atari console. Thank you for this awesome C64 edition ^^ !

A platform game with a really original theme. The Vic 20 is superbly exploited, the game is fun and full of humor because of its theme and graphics. Very good game ^^ ! Thank you !

Very nice Shmup ! Thank you ^^ !

A very good surprise ! A smart and intelligent puzzle game. I played the levels with an obvious pleasure, each new gameplay element is introduced and explained by the game itself with a lot of logic. No need for a one hour tutorial to understand ^^ ! Well done !

I really liked the 4k version of this game for its simplicity and efficiency. The final version did not disappoint me at all ! I find the same gameplay qualities, a clear and readable graphics and an excellent replayability. congratulations ^^ !

Very good conversion ^^ ! I even bought it twice, that's saying something ^^ !

A very, very cool version of the LCD Game & Watch game "Green House", but with more varied scenes and great graphics. Congratulations ! Thank you for this great conversion ^^ !

Thank you very much for your work. I hope you will develop more cool games for Vic 20 and the c64 ^^ !

Great remix of the original game, work very well on my The C64. Bravo ^^ !

A very cool shoot-them-up, thank you a lot ^^ !

An impressive conversion of the original game, congratulations ^^ !

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A truly nice game very well programmed, really well optimized. On my C64 maxi in Vic-20 mode, even in Pal 50 the title remains fast. A very good example of what can be done in basic language.

A very good puzzle-game where the solutions are often much simpler than those we imagine ^^ !

This wonderful game is the perfect synthesis of everything that is best in the horizontal Shoot Them Up. Graphics and musics are excellent. Great job !

A very cool little game, thank you !

A very cool and funny game with beautiful and colorful graphics, the animations and sound effects are great and it works perfectly on my The C64 full -size. Don't hesitate to remunerate the author, it's for a good cause !

A great "cute arcade game style" like Taito arcade games, very nice music and graphics, work very well on my C64 mini and also on the new "the C64" full size version, I love it ^^ !