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hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok take your time but i better be impressed XD

it was because it is 64 bit now i had the same problem

this game is fun but rage somtimes but overall good game

this reminds me of scp containment breach

sry my vids are short this is a great game i love the consept you can tell the dev put a lot of hard work into this game so shoutout to dave microwaves games the one who made 3am at the krusty krab and etc.


sounds interesting

do i have permishion to make a youtube viedo on this game

is this game difficult

it works now thank you

ok thank you

could you make a new horror game

good i cant wait keep up the good work

thank you is their going to be any new games from you in the future

kinda like you he is trying his best i would like to see you make a game

dose anyone know where the key is XD

dave microwaves games dont listen to that jerk i think your game will be perfectly fine he cant even make a game so he can shut it

i might not play this because the game is scary just kidding dave microwaves games you better be ready because i am going to beat your game

it says on my itch app the game is not avabiale for windows

omg this is a rip off of baldis basics im just joking XD but i agree with you 100% people do need to learn the diffrence between a fangame and a rip off

your good sry for my attiude

it would i would play it 

it dose work i have alpha 0.0.4 so i dont know what your talking about

it works now im soooooooo happy

wait i think know why this game dose not work i have win 64 could that be the problem

you have to make a fan game you would be very good at it

devs please fix this problem it always says fatal error for me 

i really want to play this game but it always says fatal error devs if you read this please fix this problem

you made me not sleep good fan art

it dose not work it always says fatal error

this dose not work for me it always says fatal error any way i can fix this