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Yet another piece of your cool work which has caught my eye!

Hey Lucas,

Yeah that'd be really helpful thank you .  I'm on the hunt for funky indie self contained adventures to throw at my Dungeon Crawl Classics group. I'm looking through my collection and some of the bundles I've picked up, your name and your work keeps popping up with the innovative, cool and curious as just the sort of thing I'm looking forward!

I ran this for my Dungeon Crawl Classics group and this is a brilliant little adventure with plenty of space to flex out the narrative. Good clear visuals, simple narrative and a satisfying little story.

Well worth picking up for some fun times.

I was hoping to download this but it only seems to have a rar file. Is it easy to turn it into a pdf?

Having seen Collab without permission's review this project sounds fantastic. Looking at the page count however I feel rather daunted and put off indeed as I'm not sure how I'd keep all the different threads in my head.

Although I've done a fair bit of GMing, it's nearly all one page collaborative player lead story telling or indie 1-15 page scenarios.

In terms of both getting the most/appreciating the depth of this lovely work, how easy is it to guide through it while enjoying the offshoots?

Hope that makes sense.


Oh my it looks so lovely and I want to play it so much!