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Another excellent, visually interesting and narratively fun game!

A few points/questions from the cards:

Aaron: This is a very long sentence. Also what does this mean: "and may back track 1 by 1 travel"

Informer: I think you need a full stop here "

...value.  Getting..."

Suspect: I don't think I understand how this card works sorry. Could you please clarify?

Mercs: Shouldn't this read "Allies rally to you..."?

Mastermind: Should this read "The enemy has found you" or "The enemy has been found"?

Dead Ally: Should it be "can not use an action"?

Surplus Store: Do you gain 1 AP round, in which case it should be "gain an armour piercing round" or more than one "gain (insert number or 'some') armour piercing rounds"?

Research Lap: "Lets" should  be "let's".

Well they are very good indeed.

I don't have BLB, though i wonder if that may change at some point soonish. Do you have any suggestions for converting the scenario to Knave v1?

Oh my what a most strange and splendid setting/scenario!

Good fun to read if nothing else but soon I hope to run!

Question for the author - is this written for a specific rule set in mind? I'm sure it probably says somewhere obvious but tha fog doth cloud me eyes!

I've run this game twice now, once with an official scenario and one of my own making which became a two parter.

The rules are easy to pick up and run with. There's a bit more roll play than role play with some of the mechanics but far from deal breaking at all. Nothing any GM can't work with, work around or fudge depending.

What is the most fun, and reason you should stop reading this and buy them, is the setting and mindset you and your players and put in.

You are the bad guys but based on who's perspective of bad? It allows you as the GM to put your players in interesting morally grey situations. The setting, the random tables and the Hatred mechanic all have you players making interesting choices about defeating Evil but "Are we the baddies?" Yes, No, errr? That's where the compelling stories lurk.

Even if you don't play the game itself, it's worth getting just for the ideas and resources you can mine from it.

Definitely worth the $9. It has been a real pleasure to run.

Thank you very much for doing that.

When I get to my printer i shall be running off a copy!

I do like the look of this but I don't suppose you could do a more printer friendly version without the lovely background?  Unfortunately I know you can do this with pdfs but I don't seem to be able to doit on my phone.  Thank you

I do like the look of this but I don't suppose you could do a more printer friendly version without the lovely background?

Unfortunately I know you can do this with pdfs but I don't seem to be able to doit on my phone.

Thank you

The WIP ground floor of The Buttered Pig
The WIP ground floor of The Buttered Pig

WIP Drunk skeletons patrons, ready to be raised by the necromancer

Nearly finished outside of The Buttered Pig

A few rowdy patrons on the Inn.

A few drunk wizards ready to cause trouble

Ever since I downloaded your rules they have stuck in my brain as such a fun idea. Normally I haven't put this much effort into a print and play project but when I found your game and my MDF tavern I knew it had to be.

I'm not sure how exactly it'll all work when it's all done but I just wanted to say thank you for making this game, it has been a wonderful place to rest in especially since being unwell.

Keep up the good work, I looked forward to your next game!


Yet another piece of your cool work which has caught my eye!

Hey Lucas,

Yeah that'd be really helpful thank you .  I'm on the hunt for funky indie self contained adventures to throw at my Dungeon Crawl Classics group. I'm looking through my collection and some of the bundles I've picked up, your name and your work keeps popping up with the innovative, cool and curious as just the sort of thing I'm looking forward!

I ran this for my Dungeon Crawl Classics group and this is a brilliant little adventure with plenty of space to flex out the narrative. Good clear visuals, simple narrative and a satisfying little story.

Well worth picking up for some fun times.

I was hoping to download this but it only seems to have a rar file. Is it easy to turn it into a pdf?

Having seen Collab without permission's review this project sounds fantastic. Looking at the page count however I feel rather daunted and put off indeed as I'm not sure how I'd keep all the different threads in my head.

Although I've done a fair bit of GMing, it's nearly all one page collaborative player lead story telling or indie 1-15 page scenarios.

In terms of both getting the most/appreciating the depth of this lovely work, how easy is it to guide through it while enjoying the offshoots?

Hope that makes sense.


Oh my it looks so lovely and I want to play it so much!