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i fucking love it

perhaps for sexy suggestions... try to add more sexy clothes and toys to stuff her


Don't bother posting a bad comment if you have nothing good to say

just look up for Kink and it'll be found in both of the collections

and help button isn't working, and patron page isn't loading up for me but that part must be my internet...

i cant open the door, could i have a hint of the fruit code please?

omg thank you so much i have been trying so hard trying to re-unlock it

oh no problem, i love the game to be honest

do you have any more that is like this game? (just curious) i wish to try them out if you d

oh my god, i never did like sex story's but this one was by far the best one that is ever made. i give who ever made this a 5 stare rating

I love this game, please please please, make more of these, I would favorite all of them

no problem

i mean its a good game if you know what your doing, its more like a FinalFantisy type set up but rated for xxx

What music did you use for the beginning of the game? I really like it to be honest.

its broken,  please fix this...

nvm it works now

its not working right... the game wont come up

i hope he/she can fix that problem... i mean i can see that coding is a bit hard to do

no, but your not the only one i lost my saves today and i had almost all the girls maxed out...

My save was deleted... and i was almost had all the girls... who ever made this need to patch that problem