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OK wow bro ! this game is amazing ! 
I really loved the potential story it has to it, it could be longer and deeper but it shows how much potential this game has ! 
however one thing to note is the key registeration, as I got frustrated when I'd press Space so many times and my character wouldn't jump 

wow, so I have to admit I was afraid it would be a poor portal clone at first judging from the trailer, but boy was it great just as portal !
I've got this feeling of wonder and excitement of how to solve the rooms and even though I only made it to level 14 it was so great ! the puzzle are amazing and very possible, very good tutorial which is implemented into the first levels without even noticing at time, genius ! 
absolutely loved it and would love to play more of your games ! keep going !

ok first of all I want to say that I appreciate your effort trying to make a game.

however ! this is just frustrating experience from the very beginning !
you have not included a tutorial, so the player has to figure out the mechanics by themselves, and find out that they have double jump all on their own because again NO TUTORIAL that explains anything .
and then the first level I wasn't even able to get past since you've just thought everyone would be able to do it but it's so tough to understand , and the hook's accuracy is way too bad for the game, also the steering of the character is way off and then you have to find a way through all those wind mills down on a perfect platform, and if you miss, the hook won't help you because you'd fall too fast anyways to aim.
oh and by the way  I went to the keys binding and found that there's something called "go through platform" which is supposed to be used by pressing F , but it doesn't actually do anything .

anyways, either learn some game dev basics or spare the world this frustration of  an experience and find another field, thank you !