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Yo I just finished playing your game and I love it can't wait to come back to the new cases 

Yo I've finally got to play this one too and loved it 

Yo I loved playing your game the character design and world we're it's highest point the combat was a little repetitive but anyway I would pay for a full game <3 . Also made a Let's play 

Yo this game really was something special I rather enjoy PS1 inspired horror I can't wait to play your full game . Much love until then <3

I loved this game can't wait to make a video on Thy Flesh too <3

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Man I couldn't believe how great this game is I've played Small Island Woes first so I had pretty high expectations but the game delivered on them

  Can't wait to see what you're gonna make next <3

I'm gonna leave this here in case someone wants to watch a gameplay before downloading <3


Yo I had a amazing time playing your game and also made a video on it hope you'll see it <3

Yo you really made a cool game I'm really glad I played it . I also made a video on it 

Yo I've had a blast playing your game , a real good experience , here's the video on it 

Yo I've had a great time playing your game really didn't except such a funny ending . I've also made a video on it hope you'll see it <3

Yo just finished the game , can't wait to see what else you're gonna make in the future . Here's the video on it :

I'm glad you enjoyed it 

YO! just played your game kinda hard for me but I enjoyed it . I also made a video on it here;

Hope you see it <3

I promise I'll check it out in the near future , much love until than 

YO! I've had a blast playing your game , I've also made a video. Here it is hope you enjoy <3:

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Yo! I've just played your game and loved it the dialogue , voice acting and story were on point , I've also made a video of your game I hope you'll see it and enjoy it. <3