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Yep :)

Sophia is Charlotte's Sister, there is a story with her in the current build :)

Holy fk i love you xD

Updates are save compatible

Nuevas escenas no, pero si cambia el inicio del juego.

That will be fixed on the next update, thanks for the tactical report :D

Si es así, debe tratarse de un bug.

Tendré que revisar en detalle :c

La versión 0.6.5 (En la que trabajo actualmente), es una mejora completa del juego, con un nuevo comienzo y algunos cambios.

La versión 0.7.0 es una versión con nuevo contenido, pero que saldrá después del lanzamiento de la versión 0.6.5.


Acabo de intentar y todo parece ir bien, debe ser un problema de tu conexión, pero desconozco la causa real

Si, aún faltan algunas chicas por agregar.

Pero por ahora quiero agregar más contenido a las chicas que ya están en el juego y concentrarme en el remake, que ha esta altura ya parece un LP 2.0 xD


There will be no love rival on the game. I want the Lucky Paradox experience to be relaxing and peaceful, adding such a conflict would go against the spirit of the game.

There will be more male characters, but they will not be love interests.

Well, the change in locations is big, but I think the new library represents the original idea of the game much better. When the time comes, you will be able to understand why :)

Well, about the writing, it's a consequence of my inexperience creating videogames when I was just starting, it was the first time I did something like this and I wanted the story to leave enough freedom to go in the order you want or just ignore a girl if you want. Many games stop your progress and despite the "sandbox", you will be forced to go with all of them in order to reach the end, but I didn't want that here, so it is difficult to predict how each player will progress in the story.

The basic idea is to have 6 very distinct story arcs at the beginning, then a new one opens with Mary (so 7 paths). As you go along, everything is connected and develops until one of the endings.

That's why I decided to pause the story and dedicate two months to polish all the details, rewrite the whole beginning, because due to many problems with my personal life during the development of the game, I had to cut a lot of content that in the long run, but in the end ended up hurting the game experience.

There is still a lot to be added in Lucky Paradox, with that will come many more interactions between the girls. This is vital for the development of the story. 

Thanks for all the feedback, this kind of criticism helps a lot to the quality of the game <3

old relationship point will be converted to love point. 10 relationship = 1 love heart

Yes, but sometimes it takes me a long time to answer, because I don't have much time xD

el juego siempre estara en ingles y español

there is a 0.5 complete save on the discord server :)

if u have the key, use it xD

Será un Lucky Paradox 2.0, con todos los cambios que tendrá.

La historia es la misma :)

I will not abandon the game xD


I work as fast as I can, sorry

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just a visual bug :D


wut? xD


Siempre estará traducido al español :)

Thanks for your words  <3

fking taxes!

ill check it assap o.o

I can't answer that without spoilers xD

There is a faq with that info:

En la habitacion de Charlotte en el restaurant deberia estar.

Two missing scenes are shower scenes of Maxy and Mary.

A dont have a clue about the second thing lol

just a visual bug

oh god XDD

You are a man of culture as well <3

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a little delay


I've had a mishap and I've been forced to move, so that will delay the launch date a little :c

Wow, thank you very much for your words

The next update will be available soon :D