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Thanks for the clarification on the aspect ratio differences.  I was not aware of the flash version one before so all enlightening!  I think an option to play the original Flash aspect ratio might be interesting.

Also a high score of 42?!  Damn, I have much work to do lol.   At least it gives me insight that the replayability of the game is quite high for me!

Very addicting gameplay.  There's always a "one more time..." feeling when I'm playing this.  Is there a way to have a global hi score leaderboard to see what other users have gotten?  I'm assuming mathematically the score can't be astronomically high... but I'm wondering what the high score is haha.

Ah, ok thanks for the clarification!

Downloaded new update of 1.3 and side loaded it via the Play Date side loading website.  It still says version 0.0.0 even though I can tell I uploaded by the newer date.  Is there a bug on the file naming?