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Is the Steam version different from this version?  馃

Just played the latest build and it was awesome!

Pierre is such gentleman  馃槏

Oh, I see the option now! Sorry I didn't notice that馃槄

Sorry, it's me again!

I finished all the requests, and got the memory stone.

But using the stone directly doesn't seem to trigger anything...

Is there any other ways to use the stone?

Here's the save file if you need:

Thank you!

Yes! I've finally get to the 100% after picking up the Ring Flower from Green Valley.

Thank you so much for the quick fix馃槉

OK. Here's the file:

Thank you!

(I'm guessing the recipe didn't get unlocked because I didn't have Eltio Leaf when I first obtain the flower. Just a guess, though...)

But I didn't sell/craft them, they are still lying in my inventory.

And the recipe is still missing. Here are the screenshots.

(BTW, I tried selling all the flowers, but the recipes were not removed like you mentioned)

(1 edit)

I can鈥檛 find the Clear Balm recipe.

I suppose the recipe should appear once I got the right flower? But I already got all six kinds of flowers, and the recipe is still missing.

Thanks for the quick fix!

Now they can be united馃槉

In the village in Arcius, the child Feraldian says he wishes his mommy was here. I can鈥檛 seem to find his mom. Wasn鈥檛 she taken by Lucis as well?

go to Regull Port

And find the captain at the bar after trying to get on the boat

Can't you just migrate the save files or something?

It's tiresome to play all over again...

The update is great! Love it!

Can't wait for the showing their sigil scenes to come out! hehe ;)

Mine too! 15.0.4 can not be opened

Thank you for your hard work! 馃グ

Hope you get better soon! A good health and mind is key to long-last plan they said.

You have to go the Goro-route, and unlock its happy ending.