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Thank you, I clearly wasn't paying attention, and I thought it was some sort of app glitch, that happens from time to time, as people tend to forget those who use the app. Sorry for wasting your time.

I wrote this review as I played, to record my current thoughts while playing, sorry for the long read, but for some reason, I thought I really needed to review this 'game' as a huge fan of walking sims and exploration games, I thought that my thoughts needed to be shared, thanks again .  


Fugue in Void community · Created a new topic My Review

The intro is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too long. 

But the game, after it finally begins, is nice. At no point did it ever feel like an exploration game however, it was far too linear,  the only exploration being the sights from point a to point b in a corridor. 

There was a part where I got to explore, which was nice, a big room with three paths, forward, up, and down. The exploration however, was empty, and I felt like I wasn't supposed to be exploring, but simply find the exit.(as it wasn't straight forward this time) which I admit, took me along time to find.

The trippy intermission was unexpected, and as welcomed as the intro, but It did bring the mood back to the beginning of the game.

It then started to feel more like a showcase then a game or any kind of story, with all the great looking but trippy animations and effects I felt then that it was just to show off the cool looking effects, which were very well done, but not an exploration game, or any other game.

each small area you do get to see, is very good looking and you can tell it was just as well made as the animations, however, I would have preferred  to actually get to explore any of them, instead of simply walking forward for maybe 30 seconds before fading to black and going to the next short linear area. Ending on the best looking area, the ending came much smoother than the intermission and intro. 

I really did think the game was nice, it was pretty at times, looked very good, and was constructed wonderfully, my biggest complaint is it being called an exploration game, it isn't, and if that's what you were looking for, I suggest you go get a drink while the intro plays, and experience the 'game' anyway, it was made with hard work, it's plain to see, sadly this review isn't for animation nor just looks.

I think a 4/10 is what I would give this 'game' there is no exploration truly, each segment after the first area is sadly very short, and while their are 'puzzles' they are simply to slow the player down just by a couple minutes, by stepping on stone pads to progress. It is far too linear for an exploration game, and far to story vacant for a walking sim. This is a showcase, a pretty showcase of what the creator can create, and it is once again, very nice looking, which is why it has 4 in the first place, The world and environment is there, but the story (if there is one) is not shown, and the gameplay is non-existent . 4/10, I suggest you see the sights, but if you don't want to spend time on a interactive animation (interactive meaning walking) then that's ok. Thank you for reading. Thank you for making Fugue in Void, I hope to see your worlds turned into a real exploration game. :3

The game crashes after the you come back inside, but unlike the videos I watched, I reload the game, and it's the same. I It crashes and doesn't load the next part.

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  Is hosted on an Incompatible website, meaning people who use the  app can't play. Idk if you knew about this, but now you do :3.

  Tried to show screenshot, but it seems that only text is allowed.

is there a way to make it bigger, or fullscreen? 

I got it now. I am using the app, when you go to the browser website, it works, sorry for the waste of time, I'll just use the browser when FHfFG gets another update. 

I'm not to sure why it says it, but when I click, "Install" on  the popup states  red text  "This title is hosted on a incompatible third-party website." 

I sorry, but since there is another new update, will the link you sent me before work or do I need a new link? Since still says this game is on a incompatible website.

yes. However. The next menu with all the people and in game  show all males, regardless of the % I put in, even 50/50, non I click are women.

I don't care that much, as the character look the exact same. So you don't need to reply.

All people are males, no matter what I changed the slider to, they are always males 100% even when I don't mess with anything. I don't know what to do.

Iv never used Mega before,but I got it working, thank you.

Just so you are aware says I cant download because its hosted on a incompatible website..  Whatever that means- I am Windows