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thanks so much for your prompt response! unfortunately i don't have any saves from act 3 or earlier, sorry.

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it was just in those two acts, and i started the dlc directly after entering act 4! (it seemed like a good point emotionally.) i just checked to make sure and i haven't touched the sfx slider at all--it's still at 7/10 bars.

if it's relevant, i'm playing on windows 10! also, i installed the dlc somewhere in the middle of act 3, if i remember correctly.

hey, thank you for making this! it's been a really good time to play. i was just wondering—in the act 4 intro, the game played no voiceover to match the subtitles in the introduction. this was also the case for the subtitles during the fights in the battle of the boardwalk dlc, which i played after beginning act 4. were no voices recorded for those sections, or was that a bug? i've been loving the radio messages and stuff, so i was curious!