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Really cool to read about your custom engine. Loved Arcade Builder. I’ll live stream Dead Desert when that’s out for sure ✌️

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A review in 2021 of Survius!

Good game. Here's our play through - 

OMG this was such a good game. You need to keep developing it further. Introduce more stuff. The basics are amazing. Here's my playthrough - 

People put alot of effort to create these games for us all to enjoy. I personally enjoyed this game alot. If you do not enjoy something then that's okay, you're free to express that of course. That's the beauty of art. It's subjective. The dev even said that himself, but what you're doing here is just being outright rude. Please be more considerate when offering feedback here. It goes a long way. Your feedback is hugely valuable to developers of these games if expressed in the right way.

Ahh amazing thanks

Ohhhhh this was fun! - 

Hahah loved this. Here's our full longplay unedited gameplay. Don't forget to rewind the video once you're done!

Hahah well done. I loved this simulator. Here's my playthrough - 

Absolutely stunning!

Hey guys. Super excited for this. Is there any BETA testing currently open. I'd love to do a preview run on my gaming channel.

Nooooo i would have loved this!

Hey, we'd love to get involved with the initial testing of this. We run a small gaming channel on Youtube called StarrStreams and just love these kinda games. I've followed your project so will keep an eye :)

What a shame nobody is on the servers! I'm going to organise a youtube video of it on our gaming channel. If you'd like to be involved then smack me a sub on our channel and say hi! Youtube Channel: StarrStreams

Oh my gosh I just LOVED this! I played it a second time after recording my playthrough and discovered the key / 2nd door sigh - 

Did my own run through. I found it quite hard! - 

Not too bad. Looks and Sounds nice...

YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!! gosh darn it...

I REALLY loved this game. Slight bug which means I can claim unlimited 1k grants on normal game but other than that. It was amazing! Here's a video I did on it...

Love. Love. Love this game! I didn't want it to end...

Absolutely loved it! Thanks soo much for the 7 or so minutes of tension :)

Pretty decent game. Lovely graphics. Exit a little confusing but well done overall. Here's our playthrough...

Hey! We loved your game and did a run through of it as a dual play -