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so the game is available on patron if you pay 10-20 from what ive heard, some people say how when the game is finished, youll probably will need to pay to play it, but i really dont know, ill need to look all this myself

Ugh, I dont feel good saying this, but I think I kinda fell in some kinda of weird affection to "him", I call him Wallflower

i love how you have to choose the "right" key, and by right, you actually mean right!!

can you make a mac version please?

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ah, thank you



please make a mac version

oooooff >A<

hahaha lol

so, after I give her her underwear, I dont know what to do, help please?

I liked the game, but it takes a lot of time to an ending that doesnt give much, so it kinda dissapointed me

please make a mac version

ok, I love this game, but somethimes I do something and the screen turns black for hella long time, and it makes me restart everything I had, even wrost, I dont know when it happens

press esc, lol, you problably figured that out by now

thank you >w<

so, I loveeee Lust doll plus, and i wanted to play this one, but it just wont work!! I use Mac by the way

this happens when i launch it