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Really enjoyed this! Looking forward for more. I'm also really fascinated by the bit that some ROs could possibly be your enemies and how different the dynamics would be. Really curious if Sage has more shadier intentions that would put you at odds with others for example. 

Hmmmmm I wouldn't say there's this one above the other true ending. There's definitely choices that would lead to better outcomes for certain characters and definitely for your main character, but the story beats are similar in most of them. 

But yeah, more then one playthrough is suggested for that reason.

I think this is the first twine I played in a while where I just absolutely love everybody, that I already created saves for each person. Can't wait for more!!!

Hmm I really like games that let you shape your MC's personality, rather then one built-in. Will keep an eye out!! 

Ah definitely don't rush!! I'll eagerly wait! I think what confused me though was it definitely didn't last 4 hours for me, I dunno if I missed something or I'm just a fast reader. Will definitely check out the later parts though.

Just wondering, was that really all of Ambience or is more getting added to it via updates? I like the art and am intrigued to see where it goes, but found the ending rather sudden.

Yeah... I don't mind waiting but she was decently active on tumblr before going radio silent. Hope she's alright.